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Warriors Moon Gifts
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Lore of the Forsaken p. 90
Auspice, Lodges & Tribes
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The blessings of the Warrior’s Moon, of course, have to do with battle. They focus the Rahu on his ability to overcome foes, as well as his ability to determine which battles shouldn’t be fought.


Gift Levels

• Warrior's Insight

All Rahu are gifted with the ability to look an opponent square in the eye and estimate his strength. This Gift strengthens that ability, allowing the Rahu to see the measure of a person even if he’s already drawn on the power recently.

By spending a point of Essence, the character can use the warrior’s eye auspice ability even if he has already used that ability during the session. There is no limit to the number of times that this Gift can be used per session, other than the Essence cost.

•• Battlemind

On the battlefield, it is a grievous breach of discipline to be swayed into abandoning the fight. This Gift allows a Rahu to focus tightly on the task at hand, entering a mental state of disciplined near-Rage. While the Rahu is in the grips of Battle Mind, he becomes particularly difficult to influence with powers that would affect his mental control over his actions, such as Gifts that cause fear or vampiric Disciplines that attempt to control a victim mentally. But this is not a kind and forgiving state of mind, and a werewolf who enters this state finds it difficult to turn his attention to anything other than bloody conflict.

Roll Results

  • Dramatic Failure: The Rahu’s urge to destroy is heightened beyond his ability to control it. The character must immediately make a Death Rage check (Werewolf: The Forsaken, p. 173).
  • Failure: The werewolf’s mindset is unchanged. The player may attempt to use this Gift again next turn.
  • Success: The Rahu tempers his bloodthirst with discipline, and indulges both in full. For the duration of the scene, the Rahu gains +2 to all dice pools made to resist any powers that would directly affect his control over his actions, such as Dominance Gifts. He also suffers a -1 penalty to any dice pools that do not directly relate to fighting and overcoming enemies.
  • Exceptional Success: The Rahu’s purpose is forged even stronger. The bonus to resist mental control or influence is raised to +3.

••• Hobbling Gaze

Rahu have no time for cowards. This Gift helps them keep a fight to a one-on-one basis by hampering their opponent’s ability to flee. Of course, some Rahu have been known to use this Gift to promote their own cowardice, by hobbling a foe and then fleeing. The target must be within five yards of the Rahu, and the Rahu must have clear line of sight.

Roll Results

  • Dramatic Failure: The Gift goes badly awry. The Rahu’s Speed is reduced by 2 for the remainder of the scene.
  • Failure: The Gift has no effect.
  • Success: As the Rahu glares at his target, the strength drains from the target’s legs. The target’s Speed is reduced by 1 per success. A target can be affected by this Gift only once per scene. The Gift’s effects last for one minute per success.
  • Exceptional Success: The Gift’s effects last for the entire scene.

•••• Blood Letting

A Rahu with this Gift has learned a truly savage trick from the warrior’s moon. By invoking this Gift as he tears into an opponent, he curses the wound to hemorrhage greatly, sapping his opponent’s strength as her blood drains from her body. This Gift must be used on the same turn as a successful bite or claw attack.

Roll Results

  • Dramatic Failure: The Rahu cannot use this Gift for the remainder of the scene.
  • Failure: The target suffers no additional ill effects.
  • Success: The target’s wound begins to bleed rapidly. The target takes one additional level of bashing damage per turn, for a number of turns equal to the successes on the Gift’s activation roll. This Gift has no effect on creatures that do not “bleed” per se, such as vampires, spirits and certain types of Claimed. The Rahu may use this Gift against a given target only once per scene.
  • Exceptional Success: No additional effect apart from the severity of the wound.

••••• Might of the Full Moon

Under the full moon, the warrior reaches his peak. With its blessing, he can wear the war form for as long as he chooses, tearing into his foes relentlessly. When this Gift is activated, the Rahu shifts into Gauru form as a reflexive action. He may remain in Gauru form for the duration of the scene. He is still subject to Rage, however, and all the drawbacks of Gauru that come with it. If he shifts out of Gauru form, the Gift’s effects end, and he cannot resume Gauru form without the assistance of some supernatural means such as the Rekindled Rage Gift. This Gift can be used once per scene, and functions only under a full moon.

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