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Garrick Marlon
"Before the eyes? I had some fun, got caught a bit. Worked odd jobs because I never paid attention in school. Fell into hanging out at the gun range. Ended up spending a lot of time and good chunk of my cash there. Then my mother died, and then the Eyes."
Domain Nosferatu Unaligned

Nosferatu Curse: The irises of Garrick's eyes are milky white, they never seem to focus on what he is paying attention too. Consequently it is hard to tell if he's looking at you or around you or past you.


After being handed a one way bus ticket and told he had an hour Garrick found himself in Sacramento. A phone call to the number of the supposedly identified as the Nosferatu Priscus of Sacramento led Garrick to a Library at Sacramento State. There he met a striking women in black and white, after being vetted and told to avoid his mortal family Garrick was Acknowledged as a member of the Domain. Though the Acknowledgement would not be lasting.

Up then Down (in progress)

During 2015 Garrick found himself the lone Nosferatu within Sacramento and thus Priscus. Following the departure of Angel Ducard and Kenneth Gilroy. This lasted a short time before Alice Hart arrived in Sacramento and Kenneth Gilroy returned. Garrick and Kenneth spoke briefly and it was decided that Garrick would remain Priscus as <find exact reason>. However failing to attend a Formal Court saw Garrick's Recognition revoked. A short discussion later and Gilroy was Priscus again.



Skeleton Keys

Gimme Shelter

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