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This is a site-wide House Rule These are heavily modified rules from Damnation City. The systems presented here should be the primary reference.

Assets essentially represent Sites and Subjects that are reduced to the barest shorthand. Assets are the main commodities of Primacy. Assets represent mortal men and women under the character’s influence. Assets may be motivated by money, blackmail, intimidation, the Blood or Disciplines — it doesn’t really matter at this stage. What matters is that these people do the characters’ bidding eagerly, miserably, warily, and shamefully.


Acquiring Assets

Assets are the usage of the following Merits: Allies, Fame, Resources, Retainers, Sites, and Status. Any purchase of one of these Merits may be designated a Primacy Asset.

The number of Assets a character can control is equal to their Willpower + Advantage (Blood Potency, Gnosis, Primal Urge, Wyrd).

Remember to declare which applicable Skill is being tied to a Primacy Asset when activated. This Skill cannot change.

Protection and Loyalty

Beyond just dots, Assets may be affected by two additional traits: Loyalty and Protection. Protection guards an Asset against physical harm, specifically attacks from other vampires and their minions. Loyalty inspirits an Asset, helping it to resist coercion, seduction, and bribery. These are simple binary conditions: An Asset is protected or it isn’t. An Asset is inspired or it isn’t.


Assets can be attacked. Some vampires are content to snuff out an opponent’s advantage if it can’t be stolen away. Men in dark suits drag an enemy Asset from his bed and back to their master, where the vampire lord devours him. Desperate junkies stab the enemy Asset in his driveway in exchange for a hit from their master. An unidentified gunman shoots the Asset in his car, and then disappears into the city.


Assets can be turned away from their masters. Some vampires aren’t content to go through another Kindred to get what they want. They resolve to make the Asset theirs. Men with suitcases full of cash show up on the Asset’s doorstep. An envelope of incriminating pictures turns up in the mail. The vampire herself looks the Asset in the eye and commands him to come with her.

Game Statistics

If a character’s Asset appears “on stage” in a street-level scene with an Agent, they’ll need traits of some kind to help determine how long they live or how slowly they die. Assets are not full-fledged characters in a mechanical sense (though they can and should develop personalities over time if possible), so the method for creating them is simple:

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