Kirlian Camera

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Kirlian Camera
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Kirlian Camera
Hunter The Vigil Sourcebook.jpg
Hunter The Vigil Sourcebook p.240
Durability 1
Resources ●●
Size 2
Structure 2
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A Kirlian camera photographs people's auras. While for most people, these "auras" are nothing more than a handy side effect of the world, some supernatural creatures show up as unnatural to such photographic techniques. Outside of vampires (who appear distorted on Kirlian photography, much as they do on any other photographic medium), the horrors of the World of Darkness share an aura that somehow seems "off" or "wrong." The only exception to this is that these cameras highlight manifested ghosts in the images they capture (though rarely as anything more than a blob, orb, or smear of light). The pictures can also reveal ghosts and other supernatural creatures, if the character frames the shot right (requiring a Wits + Occult roll).


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