Heart of the Dragon

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Location Sacramento
Mhairi Ankaa
Morgan Bellanar
Date Began Aug 10, 2016
Storyteller(s) Cayce
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Sitting at the bar was a beautiful woman in a blue dress, sipping upon a blue drink. Golden medallion earrings sparkled against brown hair, and her skin was clearly used to the touch of the sun, though there was an undercurrent of fatigue riding beneath the fastidious and elegant exterior. This woman, the Chief Operations Officer of MaxMart Incorporated, the right hand of the Dragon, Baron Fairweather himself, appeared to not have been sleeping well of late. Perhaps that was why she had begun to frequent the Blue Note. An attempt to find relaxation and escape from whatever harried her and kept her from rest.

Or, perhaps it was something else, some mission from the Baron, for this very spot had once hosted the manifestation of the Baron's taint upon the Freehold: Maxine's, a soulless chain restaurant that itself had taken over a Freehold business, the Empty Orchestra. The Blue Note had reclaimed that legacy, erased the claw print of the dragon and took up where the Empty Orchestra had faltered. Yet Dragons were covetous beasts. Perhaps the appearance of the COO, Monique Barsani, was the sign that Fairweather wanted his property back...

...Or perhaps it was merely an ironic coincidence. Or a happenstance manipulated by that ephemeral force that touched all within the Freehold: the Wyrd. Regardless, it was an omen of some sort, and one best not ignored.


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