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See Shapeshifting

Stronger and tougher than Hishu form, but still small enough to barely pass for human, Dalu is many werewolves’ form of choice for brawls involving normal people (or playful cubs). Dalu adds four to six inches in height and approximately 25-50 pounds of muscle mass to the Hishu form’s size. Body hair thickens and facial hair becomes prominent (noticeable even on women). Facial features become angular and lupine, and the werewolf exhibits subtle wolf-like behavior. She might bare her teeth when she’s angry or aggressive, or pant slightly when excited. Fingernails elongate, as do canine teeth (though neither reaches a length that allows the werewolf to inflict any special damage). In poor light, the werewolf simply looks like a large person with unusually angular features, but in plain sight, witnesses can observe the bestial light in the werewolf’s eyes. A werewolf in Dalu form inspires Lunacy, but to a limited degree. Human observers are treated as having four more dots of Willpower (to a maximum of 10) for purposes of determining Lunacy’s effects (see p. 176). The senses improve in Dalu form. While they don’t approach the keenness of Urhan form, an Uratha in Dalu form can track a person by the scent of his cologne or identify a particular car by the sound of its engine. In game terms, the player gains a +2 modifier to all perception rolls. The character may also track by scent (see p. 178). A werewolf in Dalu may attempt to bite as a human might but must first achieve a hold on a target through a grapple.

The werewolf can speak human languages, but not perfectly. A distinct growl creeps into the voice, garbling words. Yet the werewolf can speak the First Tongue with less difficulty, as the inhuman growls and vocalizations that make up part of the language are easier to achieve. Werewolves don’t assume this form for diplomacy or conversation; it’s simply a means to improve an Uratha’s might without immediately inflicting Lunacy on observers.

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