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Negotiating a contract, sale or other carefully considered agreement is a long and complicated process that requires a lot of effort from both parties. This requires a contented, extended roll. Each of these rolls represents an hour of negotiation, which ends once one of the parties reaches the required number of successes. The first party to accumulate the goal in successes is the winner, although they must agree to concessions based on the difference in total successes. If the victor triples the other party in successes, no concessions are needed. At double, one quarter of the competitor's demands must be met. If the winning party merely holds the majority, they must agree to one half of the competitor's demands.

Example: Gerald Baker is negotiating with a security guard at a storage yard. He wants the guard to allow access to one of the storage units without monitoring the camera feeds, and is offering money in exchange for compliance. The security guard is tempted by the offer, but doesn't want to risk losing his job. The Storyteller determines that the negotiation requires six successes to settle. Gerald's Manipulation is 2 and his Persuasion is three. He has plenty of resources at his disposal, lending him an Equipment bonus of 3. The security guard has a Manipulation of 2 and is untrained in Persuasion, levying a -1 penalty to his roll. Ultimately, he has the final say in granting Gerald access, so his Equipment bonus is 1. After three sets of rolls, Gerald wins the negotiation with six successes to his opponent's three. Gerald talks the man down to one quarter of his asking price and he is able to conduct his business at the appointed time of night.

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