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Matter ●●●●●
Instant Mana
Vulgar Making
Duration Prolonged
Mage The Awakening Sourcebook.jpg
Mage The Awakening Sourcebook, p.204
Ladder : Ex Nihilo
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The mage can create an object out of nothing.

The object created can be of Size 3 or smaller, with one additional Size point per extra success rolled on the casting. Its Durability is based on the material created, but additional successes can be allocated to reinforce Durability. Complex objects such as automobiles might require a reflexive Intelligence + Crafts or Science roll to get right. At the Storytellers discretion, the caster might even need an appropriate Skill Specialty (such as Auto Repair) before he can create certain objects. A BMW sports car (Size 10) requires seven successes on a spellcasting, in addition to a successful Intelligence + Crafts or Science roll.

Silver Ladder Rote: Ex Nihilo

The power to create materials out of thin air can be seen in some ways as godlike. Unsurprising, then, that the Silver Ladder devised this rote for just such a purpose. Any real material can be created and acted upon, either by mundane artifice or through other applications of this Arcanum. Free Council mages use a similar rote (Intelligence + Science + Matter), making use of “ambient energy,” “Dark Matter” or any number of other sources.

Ancient Lands Pentalogy Rote: Golem-Body Genesis [1]

One of the martial spells of the Adamantine Arrows, this one uses a complex fighting form and stern meditational control in order to summon an object (generally a statue or other human-form item) out of nothingness. As the kata progresses, the form of the imaginary opponent ceases to be imaginary, and once the form is completed, the item stands there, perfectly real.

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