Broceliandes Garden

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Location Sacramento
Malcolm Green
Morgan Bellanar
Date Began Sep 8, 2016
Storyteller(s) Cayce
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What place could be more fortuitous to those that had just been uprooted by unexpected tragedy then the heart of Sacramento's most beautiful neighborhood? True, it was also one of the newest, yet one could hardly tell, for not only were the homes all of a different design, but the landscaping was lush and full, with tall trees, gorgeous flower beds, and bountiful shrubbery, as though it had been cultivated for years. One could almost forget they were in California amongst all that green. Truly, this place was an oasis, an area of safe harbor, ready and willing to share the bounty of its aquifer and its community. Only a few houses still sported real estate signs, whereas the rest seemed to already shelter new inhabitants.

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CastMalcolm Green  +, and Morgan Bellanar  +
Changeling start8 September 2016  +
Event forChangeling  +
LocationSacramento  +
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Sacramento date8 September 2016  +
SceneSacramento  +
Story Told ByCayce  +
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