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Location Sacramento
Malcolm Green
Date Began Jul 20, 2016
Storyteller(s) Cayce
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All across Sacramento, scattered across walls, plastering telephone poles, or half buried on bulletin boards only seldom cleaned, are posters advertising everything from lost cats, the latest underground gig, or the coming charity ball. And, though there are many posters that have been there for years, wheat paste stubbornly defending them from wind, rain, and even the most determined of clean up crews, more are always added. In places, they are piled high upon one another, pulpy, colorful scabs upon the face of the city.

Recently, a new rash of posters has appeared, cropping up in strange scatterings across the city. Black ink on green paper, advertising a new artist: The Thorn. Each poster has links to songs on The Thorn's own website, a simple affair with audio files and lyrics. The music is rhythmic, yet entrancing, following in the footsteps of Massive Attack and the other progenitors of Trip Hop, but the lyrics are what hold the keys to the message. They are songs of being taken. Songs of strange forests that shift and entrap the unwary, and finally, songs of slowly building anger...

Perhaps that was why the Posters said that the Thorn would be appearing at The Forge when, according to the Forges own schedule, they obviously were not. Besides, who ever heard of a Trip Hop concert in a Metal Club at 3pm?


(Blackhats) Trouble Comes to Town
(Blackhats) Bushwacking
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CastMalcolm Green  +
Changeling start20 July 2016  +
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LocationSacramento  +
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