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Life ●●●●
+ Prime ●●
Instant Mana
Vulgar Patterning
Duration Prolonged
Adamantine Arrow Sourcebook.jpg
Adamantine Arrow Sourcebook, p. 180
Arrow : Pain is an Illusion
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This is a Mage House Rule This spell requires Prime ●●.

Heroic legends are rife with tales of warriors who kept fighting long after sustaining injuries that should have killed any human being. Emulating these great figures of myth, some Arrows will themselves to mend in seconds injuries that might otherwise take months to heal.

After casting this spell, the Arrow may, for the remainder of the scene, reflexively spend points of Mana on a one-for-one basis to heal levels of bashing or lethal damage, though bashing damage must be healed in preference to lethal if the mage is currently suffering from both, as the body attempts to cope with less elaborate hurts before tackling deeper wounds. The willworker is limited by the amount of Mana he might normally spend in a turn — including those points of Mana spent for other reasons, such as in the casting of spells — according to his Gnosis. This spell is subject to Disbelief and Unraveling if used to heal lethal damage in front of Sleepers, and has no effect at all on aggravated damage.

Adamantine Arrow Rote: Pain is an Illusion

During the course of his work, an Arrow is called upon to place himself directly in the path of harm, often with little time to step back and receive restorative spells. But a dead Arrow is of no help to anyone, and so he must find ways of enduring all that his sacred task throws in his path. This rote is one answer to that quandary.

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