Stealth Gifts

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Stealth Gifts
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Werewolf The Forsaken Sourcebook p. 139
Auspice, Lodges & Tribes
Irraka, Hunters in Darkness, Lodge of the Starless Sky, Lodge of Harbingers, Lodge of Howling Death, Lodge of Quetzal, Lodge of Scavengers, Lodge of the Hundred Days
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Werewolves frequently find great advantage in leaving no footprints or traces of their presence. Likewise, moving silently and swiftly is of benefit in both hunting prey and stalking an enemy. These Gifts represent the preternatural abilities of werewolves to remain hidden from prying eyes. The Hunters in Darkness in particular possess affinity with these Gifts, and any who find a need for furtiveness and secrecy find them highly beneficial. The spirits of nocturnal animals or entities are the primary teachers of these Gifts.


Gift List

Feet of Mist (•)

Sight and sound are not the hardest senses for a werewolf to defeat, but even a bloodhound would wear its nose out trailing a werewolf with Feet of Mist. The werewolf’s scent fades to near-imperceptibility.

Blending (••)

An expert hunter knows the value of not being seen. A werewolf with this Gift can blend with the landscape by simply remaining still — overlooked even in the open.

Running Shadow (•••)

Sometimes, one must choose between moving silently and moving quickly. This Gift makes the choice unnecessary. The werewolf can trot over dry leaves as quietly as tiptoeing carefully.

Shadow Flesh (••••)

This Gift actually affects the werewolf’s form, making her a living shadow. While her flesh is transformed to shadowy matter, she can slip through areas with great ease, even sliding under doors or through cracks.

Vanish (•••••)

The ultimate in visual stealth, the werewolf can instantly fade from sight, even in full view. Cameras, heat sensors — no form of visual detection can perceive the hidden werewolf, although this Gift conveys no protection from other senses.

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