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Created by Chaos Angel
Played by Drizzy
The Prince's Ghoul
Manager of The Asylum


Born in France, Cozette was left Regnantless by Lioni Dupree's Final Death at the hands of Eric The Ancient and was then adopted by Asa Clarke.

The perfect Ventrue ghoul, Cozette is pretty in a girl-next-door kind of way. She tries to be as unremarkable as she can, the better to observe and hear things. She quietly manages The Asylum and has a penchant for dressing up.

Cozette1.jpg Cozette Bunny.jpg


Back to the Asylum (OPEN)
Elanah calls the Asylum
Setting up a date (Attn: Cozette)
Writ In Water
(C Tears) Setting the Stage
(OPEN) Bunny Ranch
(C Tears) Meanwhile, at The Asylum...
(C Tears) Calling the Prince's Ghoul
Password or PIN
(1408) Court XXXI Super Heroes & Villains
Harold's Invitation to the Prince
(Under Control) Calling Asylum
(1411) Letters to the Prisci
From the Depths
Letters Delivered

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