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Characters can resist others' attempts to socially sway them, physically grapple them or even mentally dominate them. Whenever applying such resistance requires a character's full attention, it is performed as a contested action, but more often it is a reflexive action, allowing the target to also perform an action that turn.

This is a site-wide House Rule In Contested Resistance, the defender always wins ties. For the purposes of EoD, the aggressor is defined as the person "altering reality" and the defender is defined as the one attempting to see what is factual/maintain the norm. Please note this may contradict RAW: if a person is hiding, then they are the aggressor; that is, altering reality to hide what is there.

This is a Vampire House Rule The Vampire venue has house rules regarding Resistance.


Contested Resistance is called for when the effect being used takes full effect if as little as one success is rolled for the aggressor. A monster's attempt to use mind control over a character is a good example. A contested roll is called for because it gives the target a reasonable fighting chance; successes rolled for him are compared to those rolled for the monster. Whoever gets the most wins. Contested Resistance is used for all-or-nothing effects.


Automated Resistance is called for when the effect being used is measured in degrees. Automated Resistance subtracts the target's Resistance trait from an aggressor's dice pool before the roll is made. The best example is in close combat. When an attacker tries to strike an opponent, the target's Defense is subtracted from the attacker's dice pool before a roll is made. Automated Resistance is used for ablative effects.

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