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Anton Flores
i feel bad 4 u son
Domain Nosferatu Lancea Sanctum

Priscus of the Nosferatu
Former Bishop of the Lancea Sanctum
Former Sheriff's Sheriff's Deputy of the Domain


Anton is of average height, with a wiry build and dark, weathered skin. His face is hard and his eyes are dark, reflecting little but an ugly hunger. A stretch of milk-white scar-tissue sits smiling across his windpipe, while the smell of burning vegetation is attached to Anton and his Beast. The 'smell' is a strange curse, less olfactory and more cerebral; acrid and real to all who perceive the Haunt, regardless of whether they breathe. He dresses simply, in button-down shirts, plain t-shirts, slacks or denim.

Carved into his arms are coils of ciphered script, written in bloodless wounds and old ink. 'Golgotha', 'Grandeur' and 'Torments' break up the missive. The passages seem to crawl over the skin of his corded arms at a glacial pace, just over the edge of the eye's ability to register the movement.

Recent History

Anton Flores describes himself as a Sanctified philosopher. He has a way of cropping up all over North and Central America. Anton's been nomadic for generations now. Long stretches of nomadic, revenant-like existence broken up by extended stays in scattered domains. Why he withdraws from domains is on him. For the past decade or two, he's spent haunting the desert roads of California and Nevada, living off the land, punishing mankind, sharing the graves of his prey during daylight. he attempted to settle in the Sacramento domain, leaving the domain on a pilgrimage shortly before the Lost Nights began.

One year later, Flores returned to Sacramento. He gained acknowledgement at a meeting of the Nosferatu clan, where he also accepted the position of Deacon within Sacramento's Sanctified church.

Shortly after the February 14th court, 2011, Flores accepted the position of Deputy alongside Thomas O'Connor and Conner Greyson.

In March of 2011, Flores was anointed Bishop of Sacramento's Sanctified, following the sudden disappearance of Heathcliff Staley.

End of Days

Anton was eventually hunted down and destroyed by Reeve Max Heinz, Deputy Conner Greyson, and Deacon Sidor Grigoriev [1]

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