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Life ●●●●●
Instant Mana
Vulgar Patterning
Duration Prolonged
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Mysterium Sourcebook, p. 197
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All mages know of the Collective Human Unconscious, the collection of human knowledge regarded as one of the many layers of the Astral Plane. Some of the Awakened, however, discuss a similar realm that is to the nuances of the human body what the Collective Unconscious is to the mind. A mage who uses this spell can tap into that place, where the body memory of all the greatest physical feats of humanity is kept, allowing even the most strenuous of physical feat to become simple.

For each success on the spellcasting roll, the mage gains one use of the rote action (see the World of Darkness Sourcebook, p.134) ability on any Physical Skill. This may not be used to augment magical uses of the Skill (such as rote activation). This may only be used on non-magical Skill rolls.

Mysterium Rote: The Olympian Collective

To a viewer, it might seem that the mage who invokes this rote is simply stretching, or posing in some mimicry of athletes the world over. In actuality, the Mysterium mage draws upon his knowledge of the thousand-thousand athletes of history, assuming their poses, claiming their victories for himself in body posture and will.

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