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Domain Nosferatu Ordo Dracul
Oracle, Master of the Rarefied and Bloody Pain
Striking Looks ●●●●

Quiet and demure, this Galloi breaks the mold with her submissive and accepting nature. Most Kindred find Shadow an odd bird with her humane ideas and unique outlook on the kindred condition. Although on this side of elder, Shadow is very naive when it comes to trusting people.

Shadow led a quiet and unassuming existence within the Dracul, taking on the role of caretaker of it's chapter house, until Freddrick suddenly and surprisingly named her Seneschal[1]. After accepting the role, Eric The Ancient struck, destroying Freddrick and several Elders. Now the Eldest, and Seneschal, Shadow would ascend to the position of Prince[2].

Realizing her own shortcomings, Shadow would then abdicate, asking the city elite to acclaim a new Prince -- Asa Clarke.

Shadow returned to her role as the unassuming leader of the Dracul, until finally departing the city in late 2010.

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AvatarMegan Fox  +
Blood PotencyObfuscated  +
Character NameShadow  +
Character StatusInactive  +
Character TypeVampire  +
ClanNosferatu  +
Clan Status0  +
CovenantOrdo Dracul  +
Covenant Status4  +
Domain Status0  +
Former PositionSeneschal  +, and Prince  +
Forumid3038  +
Has MeritStriking Looks  +
Last PostLast Post  +
Lived InSacramento  +
OneaccountNo  +
PC or NPCPC  +
PlayerFrost  +
PlayerID15  +
Posted1 August 2010  +
Presence1  +
Retired AvatarMegan Fox  +
Sacramento End1 August 2010  +
Sacramento Start16 December 2008  +
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Striking Looks4  +
Tenure1.6  +
Threadid213  +
Vampire date28 March 2009  +, and 9 April 2009  +
VenueVampire  +
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