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Mind ●●●●
Instant None
Covert Patterning
Duration Prolonged
Mage The Awakening Sourcebook.jpg
Mage The Awakening Sourcebook, p.215
Ladder : Drawing Aside the Inmost Veil
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The mage can telepathically enter a subject’s subconscious. This includes the ability to read an individual’s memories as opposed to just his surface thoughts.

Particularly remote or traumatic memories (such as an instance of child abuse) might levy penalties to access (perhaps –3 for the child abuse). The ability to enter a subject’s subconscious allows the mage to divine that individual’s Virtue and Vice, among other things.

If the target is a mage with at least Mind, he might have an idea via his Unseen Senses[1] that he is being “read.” A reflexive Wits + Composure roll is made to sense intrusion into his subconscious. He can know nothing about the intrusion unless he casts magic (such as Third Eye) to learn more. Most mages react by first erecting a Mental Shield.

With Mind ●●●●●, this spell can be cast with a prolonged Duration against mages or other supernatural targets.

Silver Ladder Rote: Drawing Aside the Inmost Veil

By delving into the hidden memories of others, a Ladder willworker can determine how best to exert her will over them. Some people can be manipulated through their altruism, others through their greed. Mages of all orders recognize the usefulness of this rote, so all with the means are known to employ it.

  1. MtA Sourcebook p. 110
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