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Knowledge Gifts
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Werewolf The Forsaken Sourcebook.jpg
Werewolf The Forsaken Sourcebook p. 126-128
Auspice, Lodges & Tribes
Cahalith, Iron Masters, Lodge of the Endless Horizon, Lodge of the Starless Sky, Lodge of Praetors, Lodge of Prophecy
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Few things are more useful than knowledge, and some spirits know secret shortcuts to learning interesting things. Where Gifts of Insight allow a werewolf to see the world through a different set of eyes, Gifts of Knowledge involve simply reaching out, plucking a fact or piece of data from the greater weave of the world and putting it to use. Iron Masters, with their desire to learn as much as they can about the changing world, are particularly drawn to Knowledge Gifts, but any werewolf can find them useful.

Gifts of Knowledge are typically taught by spirits that represent wisdom or information, and are frequently urban. Spirits of computers are one source, as are rat- and cockroach-spirits.


Know Name (•)

To understand something, one must first know its name. This Gift is a simple trick, but one with potentially wide-ranging applications. With a glance, the werewolf can learn the name of someone she sees in person. The name learned is always one that the person would answer to and consider his own. The character cannot use this Gift on a person that she sees indirectly (through a video camera or in a photograph).

Traveler’s Blessing (••)

A werewolf’s road can take her a long way from home, but spirits can guide her as she goes. This Gift teaches the werewolf the basics of what she needs to know about whatever human culture in which she finds herself. As she calls on her spirit-wisdom, the local language settles into her mouth and knowledge of local customs wraps around her mind. Though still a stranger wherever she goes, she need never be an ignorant one.

Sagacity (•••)

Though a true devotee of knowledge spends years learning Skills and facts as thoroughly as possible, sometimes a shortcut is necessary. This Gift allows a werewolf to become an instant expert in the field of choice. Knowledge floods her mind and leaves just as rapidly, but she can accomplish things in the interim that it would take years of study to do.

Know the Path (••••)

Not all werewolves hunt by scent. The werewolf with this Gift draws forth knowledge of the quickest path to wherever she wants to go, be it the safe house of an allied pack or the heart of a Beshilu infestation. The quickest and most efficient path isn’t always the safest, but so it goes.

Communion with the Land (•••••)

In war, knowledge of the terrain is key to victory. This Gift is an expression of that maxim. The werewolf opens her mind to her environment and gains knowledge of the terrain around her — where enemies are, where she can hide, where the best avenues of attack lie. When used on the home territory of an enemy, the werewolf might find she knows more about her foe’s home ground than he does.

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