Church of Final Atonement

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Church of Final Atonement
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Church of Final Atonement
Location Church of Final Atonement
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Niles Plotski
Date Began Mar 08, 2009
Date Ended Mar 31st, 2009
Storyteller(s) Kai
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A plotline spanning 08 March 2009 to 18 May 2010 in which Niles Plotski, the head of Sacramento's Guardians of the Veil, was discovered to be a Cultist of the Doomsday Clock.

Suspicion of Treachery

The Neidan had caught one of the Banishers during the Sac U sting, who they had left with the Guardians of the Veil for questioning. They met with Mistress Vex at a sandwich shop to discuss what the Guardians had learned. Vex revealed that the prisoner had gotten away, as well as her suspicion that Niles Plotski was involved. After initial misgivings, she revealed the Guardian hideout to them[1].

Tick Tock

The Neidan met up at the Church of Final Atonement[2], the Guardians' hideout, and were quickly greeted by Plotski and two other men. He led them down to the basement, but West soon discovered that Niles was a member of the Cult of the Doomsday Clock and opened fire on the two men with him. After a short fight, Niles yielded in hopes that they wouldn't let his son die. Ankh then stabilized the men before placing them in a coma, while West recovered Niles' Soul Stone. Niles was turned over to the Consilium for judgement.

Butterfly Wings

The Consilium sentenced Niles to excision: he would be stripped of his connection to his Watchtower, a Sleeper once again[3]. Hierarch Andrade spent several months helping to rehabilitate him, and when Vector attacked the Fillard Goldman Museum a year later, he brought Niles with him[4]. Andrade gave up the Trench Journals, which contained information necessary to unravel the spell on the Tower Bridge, on the condition that Vector stop hurting Niles, who was revealed to be her brother. For this act of betrayal, Andrade stepped down and left the city in disgrace[5].

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CastAndrade  +, Ankh  +, Kai  +, Mistress Vex  +, Niles Plotski  +, West  +, and Zilker  +
Event forMage  +
LocationChurch of Final Atonement  +
Mage end31 March 2009  +, and 18 May 2010  +
Mage start8 March 2009  +
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ParentTrench Journals  +, Neidan  +, and Fillard Goldman Museum  +
Sacramento date8 March 2009  +
SceneChurch of Final Atonement  +
Story Told ByKai  +
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