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Alicia Serrano
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Dark of hair and green of eye with a toned figure, Alicia is a creature that cultivates appearances instinctually. She thrives on attention; her movements are tailored to grab interest and the way words fall from her lips are designed to hold it. She walks like she owns whatever's underneath her Jimmy Choo's and her gaze knows no shame.



Alicia Serrano was one of the worst kinds of Existentialists. For her, there was no meaning to anything in the world; it was all shit; civilization was just a mental construct and humanity was nothing more than a guise for the perverted survival instincts that drive our slowly decaying sacks of hormones. She woke up every day looking into that void of meaning and the only thing that made sense was to make sure that she had a hell of a ride down into the grave. Having grown up as the daughter of a Chicago machine politician and an industrial heiress she was always given further proof that her philosophy was sound, and more importantly, she was always given plenty of toys to help fuel her nihilistic revelry. By the time she was 22 she had a growing drug habit and was a staple of the Chicago club scene. Her parties were legendary and she cultivated her ability to charge a room and encourage others to embrace the party and leave their insecurities and negative feelings at the door. She wasn't known for her subtlety but through force of personality she could convince most anyone to climb out of their shell and then, later, to find new energy to keep trying something new. She tried a brief foray as a DJ, learning the software to create her own works and change those of others, and though she gave great shows, she knew she didn't bring anything new to the scene, musically, and went back to throwing parties and hopping between club dance floors. The only thing that stopped her from becoming a promoter or true personality was her penchant for pills, powder, or smoke.

Yes, drugs, music, partying, and fast cars were what she lived for. With daddy's connections, mommy's money, her looks, and a noteworthy way with words, Alicia was able to stay relatively out of trouble. The kickboxing lessons also helped, though before her 24th birthday she never really had to put her mettle to the test. Originally the kickboxing was just a way to stay in shape, that and dance, though Alicia looked at the latter as something to do for fun, not health. Being a creature driven by immediate gratification more than anything else, yoga and treadmills just seemed like a boring way to keep her figure trim. She preferred something a bit more hands on, a bit faster paced, and something a bit more immediately physical. Thankfully for her, it also gave her the foundation for skills that would save her life.

The Change

On Alicia's 24th birthday, she and her closest friend, Tamara, decided to blow off the party her mother had planned and go club hopping downtown. Anyone who knew the two women would have said that they were like the best of sisters, but Alicia, who detested her family, never understood that expression. Hence she much preferred to spend her birthday moving under black light to a beat that made her skull shake rather than spend the evening talking with a bunch of stuck up hypocrites, so she and Tamara piled into her 1970 Chevelle and hit the nightlife. Hours later, at about 3am, the girls stumbled outside, Alicia tripping hard on what she thought were bad drugs and Tamara almost as full with liquor as she was with blood. In reality, the first change was coming up fast on Alicia and unfortunately for the two women, a pair of Pure knew this too. Because of her sudden awakening under Luna's light, Alicia was able to escape but her friend Tamara was left behind and slain. Thankfully, a police officer who was one of the People was able to track down the newly changed Serrano before the Pure could get a second attempt at abduction.

The detective explained what had happened to her and told her that her friend had been found dead. The two Pure who had attacked her were nowhere to be found, though the detective believed they had just gone to ground for a time. He brought Alicia to meet his pack and they helped introduce her to her new world. After the terror and grief of that night dimmed, Alicia found that the world wasn't as bleak as it was before. She felt scarred by the loss of her friend, but now her world held meaning. There was a purpose to her life, and explanations for all that she had thought was wrong in the world. Well, not all, but enough. The time came for her to choose a tribe, and though she thought long and hard about joining the Iron Masters, she felt there would almost be a betrayal to herself to join them. She wanted distance from her earlier life, and she felt that embracing the human world would be cowardly, an escape to the familiar, and that it wasn't her key to living a life as one of Luna's children. She knew that violence had saved her life once, and that it might have saved that of her friend, and so she thought about taking the path of the warrior, but her will for violence wasn't what she felt defined her. It was the Storm Lords who interested her, finally, for she felt that their desire to strive for excellence, and unite all the Forsaken towards the common good was something she could pledge her life to. She doubted she would be a great leader but she liked being able to help others push themselves and evolve into something better than they were, and thus she thought she found her calling. She became an Iminir after she led an attack against the Pure Pack that had killed her friend. She had much to learn about leadership, warfare, and what it meant to be Forsaken, but her inspiring howls and determination for vengeance helped win the day.

The sudden change in her behavior alerted her parents however, and after they began to snoop into her personal life, and their resources weren't to be laughed at. Alicia decided that it would be best for her to move to another city, not only to throw off her parents but also to help severe old ties. She had avenged Tamara and felt nothing holding her back. So, after speaking with her tribe, she decided to move to Sacramento. Throw herself into a struggle that her people were losing. After all, she had no love for the pure and it was time for her to be prepared sacrifice all in the name of her new purpose.

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