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"I'll Luck you up."
Consilium Acanthus Guardian
Distinctive Voice ●● (Raspy)
Former Member of Veiled Threats
Former Hearthmaster of Foxes Den
Hearthmaster and Lorekeeper of Nidhogg's Bane
Disciple of Fate, Disciple of Time, Initiate of Spirit
Music Box
Music.jpg U2 Angel of Harlem
Music.jpg Lily Allen Fuck You
Music.jpg Lily Allen Not Fair
Music.jpg P!nk Raise Your Glass
Music.jpg P!nk Funhouse
Music.jpg P!nk Try
Music.jpg Of Monsters and Men King And Lionheart
Music.jpg Of Monsters and Men Yellow Light
Music.jpg Of Monsters and Men Your Bones
Music.jpg Of Monster and Men Love Love Love


A slim, but wiry women with sandy blond/brown hair, with shifting green-brown eyes, standing 5'6" she doesn't cast an immediate imposing figure. The clothes she wears are lose, comfortable, but durable. Generally she can be seen wearing a text filled t-shirt, or something with a unicorn printed on it.


Stained glass butterflies surround Tuesday, each pane on their tiny wings glows a verity of iridescent hues, while showing glimpses of what was, what is, and what will be. When vulgar magic is cast, the fluttering cascade doesn't last, they shatter. Falling into dull, colorless dust before vanishing completely.

The Sum of a Day

Put to Bed

Daughter of hero cop Marcus Flynn, Willow tended to spend time at home with her mom (Michelle) while her dad protects the city. No one would suspect, or believe that such a pillar would go home and beat his wife, that he'd laugh as his daughter ducked thrown beer bottles. Running away was always a wistful dream, but one day Willow would find her mom's body in the bathtub. And set on the toilet was a to go bag packed, cloths, cash, bus tickets, food, and a few other mementos were inside. Willow said goodbye to her mom, and ran.


About her Awakening, Tuesday's has not spoken of it with anyone. And if asked, she'll say in a deadpan "That it was magical."

She Awoke in a prison cell terrified that her dad had found her again, she never noticed when the bars to her cell changed to silver-green brambles. She did notice when the cement walls around the cage started peeling up à la silent hill revealing thorny hedge stuff beneath.

Driven by her fear, and headless of the thorns biting into her flesh she pull the bramble bars apart, and pulls herself through. Then she's running through the hedge maze, glimpsing the sight of a tower in the distance, only the distance isn't shortening. Day dips into night, and night cycles back to day and the tower is still off on the horizon. It wasn't until she took her eyes off the tower, and toward the sky that she saw that the clouds were moving to fast, the cycle between day and night and back again less then a hundred count.

Confused and terrified she falls back onto something her mom taught her. How to stay a step ahead of her dad. Never know where you're going to go. Random chance had saved her this far, it should work here. Braking off a branch, she uses that to pick her path, through the maze. Letting it drop when she found a fork in the road she'd walk in the direction that the stick landed. Quickly she found herself at the base of a silver thorn tower.

Surrounded by disjointed fragments of her life, she climbs the tower until she reaches the top and writes her name on a bare silver-leaf with the blood that the thorns brought to bare.

Noon Day Sun

Willow didn't find out what she was doing was magic until her first run in with another willworker. A cop by chance, he brought her to the local Consilium so she could be taught, it deffinatly colored her experience being brought before them by the pig who'd cuffed her. They set her up with a mentor, an Acanthus with an ego the size of Boston, calling herself, Dea Ex Machina. When Dea deemed the newly dubbed Tuesday competent, and cut her loose, Tuesday split, and kept on running.

The Enchantress picks Sacramento at random. A map on a dartboard, and a thrown dart light up the River City in Tuesday's eyes.





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