Prophetic Dream

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+ Mind ●●●
Time ●●●
Instant None
Covert Weaving
Duration Prolonged
Tome of the Mysteries.jpg
Tome of the Mysteries, p. 28
Ladder : Naming the Prophet
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This spell causes a chosen subject, even a Sleeper, to experience a precognitive dream.

The subject simply knows that she is experiencing (and has experienced) a dream about the future, though she might choose to disregard this awareness if she is morally or intellectually opposed to the idea of divinations, psychic phenomena or magic. (This spell does not, however, invoke Disbelief under any circumstances.) Note that the mage does not have any control over what the subject perceives in such a dream, and he doesn’t possess any special insight into it, beyond that which might be gleaned through other uses of his Arcana. Subjects of this spell tend to experience visions based upon their own circumstances and experiences, though especially significant impending phenomena might take a subject outside of the cares and experiences of her own life. The effects are similar to those of Time 3 Divination, centered on the dreamer herself.

Silver Ladder Rote: Naming the Prophet

With this rote, a Ladder willworker can bestow the gift (or curse) of prophecy upon another, willing or otherwise.

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