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Nature Gifts
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Werewolf The Forsaken Sourcebook p. 130
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The Gifts of Nature are similar to Elemental Gifts in that both deal with the environment and the surroundings of the world. Nature Gifts, however, focus not on the elements but on the specific flora and fauna of the wild. The Hunters in Darkness in particular have affinity with these Gifts, and any werewolves who have frequent dealings with animals and growing things find the Gifts useful. Spirits of animals, trees and plants teach these Gifts.


Gift List

Speak with Beasts (•)

Werewolves must often talk with other animals to gather information or make bargains. This Gift allows them to communicate with both voice and body language to speak and listen to animals, though an animal is under no obligation to listen to or agree with what a werewolf says.

Plant Growth (••)

The werewolf can cause any living plant to grow at a phenomenal rate, shaping the growth to her whim. Some Hunter in Darkness packs have thick thorn hedges surrounding their territorial borders, or live in literal tree houses.

Forest Communion (•••)

The forest is alive, and much can be gleaned by those who know how to listen. With this Gift, a werewolf can sense much about the life around her: the tread of boots on the earth, fleeting images through the eyes of an owl or fox, or the scent of recent visitors.

Beast Ride (••••)

With this Gift, the werewolf can enter the mind of a mammal or bird, exerting some influence over where it goes and sensing what it does. The Gift works only on mundane mammals or birds, not on werewolves or other supernatural beings in animal form, or on animals that are Spirit-Ridden.

Nature’s Vengeance (•••••)

For countless millennia, humans have exploited the forest. This Gift lets the forest fight back. Branches smash, vines constrict and grass entangles those that the werewolf marks as enemies.

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