Grant the Second Sight

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MageSpells ● Grant the Second Sight
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Spirit ●●
Instant None
Duration Prolonged
Mage The Awakening Sourcebook.jpg
Mage The Awakening Sourcebook, p.247
Ladder : Imparting the Spirit Gaze
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This is as the Spirit 1 Second Sight spell, except that the mage casts it upon another mage or even a supernatural being such as a ghost or werewolf. If this spell is cast upon a Sleeper, it invokes Disbelief immediately, even if its Duration is less than one scene.

If the target is unwilling, he may resist with a reflexive contested Resolve + Gnosis roll.

Silver Ladder Rote: Imparting the Spirit Gaze

Members of the Silver Ladder use this rote to bestow Spirit Arcanum perceptions upon allies of supernatural origin, mage or otherwise. Free Council mages are known to extend similar perceptions through alternate means (Intelligence + Persuasion + Spirit).

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