Gibbous Moon Gifts

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Gibbous Moon Gifts
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Werewolf The Forsaken Sourcebook.jpg
Werewolf The Forsaken Sourcebook p. 117-119
Auspice, Lodges & Tribes
Cahalith only
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It is the Cahalith’s task to see that that glory never dies. The Cahalunim Choir grants its werewolves Gifts that help inspire great deeds and surmount dangerous challenges, the stuff of legends. There’s a hard line between glory and vainglory, however, and a Cahalith must respect it.


Pack Awareness (•)

When a pack goes into battle, its Rahu might lose himself in the fury of the fight, while the Irraka moves out to strike from the flanks, but the Cahalith must keep an eye on all her packmates. It’s her voice that sounds when a packmate is wounded, or that rallies members when they’re badly pressed. This Gift grants the Cahalith an intense sense of her pack’s welfare, so that she can make sure none are beyond the reach of her voice.

When a werewolf invokes this Gift, she immediately gets a general sense of where her packmates are in relation to her, as well as a sense of their state of being. Allies might be “to the left about 30 yards” or “on the next floor of the building.” She also learns what form each packmate is in, as well as what general activity each is performing. Examples of the last include “fighting,” “waiting,” “moving,” “sleeping,” “fleeing,” “frenzying” or “having sex.” Finally, the Cahalith can tell when a packmate is suffering wound penalties or has fallen unconscious from wounds (which is different from simply being asleep for the purposes of this Gift).

Resist Pain (••)

Glory is the meat and drink of the Cahalunim, and few things are more glorious than a warrior who fights on despite grievous wounds. This Gift unleashes the raw passion of the Cahalith, filling her body with vigor such that normally crippling injuries do not deter her. Unfortunately, as the pain recedes, so does the Cahalith’s caution, and a glorious death might be her final act.

When a werewolf activates this Gift, her awareness of the pain of her wounds recedes and ceases to impair her. As a result, she ignores the wound penalties that come from being badly injured, acting with a full dice pool until those last Health points are healed or she drops into blissful unconsciousness. The effects of this Gift persist for the remainder of the scene.

A character with this Gift active is not threatened by Death Rage when injuries are imposed on her last three Health boxes. No roll to resist Kuruth is required because of those wounds. If the character is already in Death Rage, she still seeks to flee when injuries are marked in one of her last three Health boxes.

Rallying Cry (•••)

By giving of herself and howling of past glories, a Cahalith can give her packmates hope even in their darkest hour. She channels the voices of the Cahalunim through her, lending their power to her words and inspiring packmates to greatness. The Cahalith stirs hearts with a tale (or howl or ballad or epic poem) of glory that’s thematically appropriate to some situation faced. This power cannot be used — successfully or not — on the same people more than once per day.

Unspoken Communication (••••)

In the interests of greater communication, which leads to effective cooperation and glorious success, the Cahalunim grant Cahalith this Gift. With it, a Cahalith can keep packmates in constant contact, enabling them to act as one.

Packmates within line of sight of the Cahalith can be joined in instantaneous mental communication for the rest of the scene. Allies need not necessarily see each other, they simply need to be seen by the Gift’s user. Packmates can “speak” mind to mind and hear each other perfectly clearly regardless of any ambient noise. Any speaker can communicate with one particular packmate of his choice, or with all of them simultaneously.

Connected characters gain a +3 bonus to Initiative as they’re better able to coordinate their efforts. Connected characters also gain a +1 bonus to attack and use Gifts against enemies of the group as victims reel while trying to contend with combined and well-times assaults.

Call of Glory (•••••)

This Gift is similar to Rallying Cry in that it invokes the Cahalunim’s power to inspire a Cahalith’s packmates. Rather than projecting power through a Cahalith, though, the Lunes of the gibbous moon literally cry out in eldritch accompaniment as the Cahalith sings a battle hymn or howls a paean to Luna. When the werewolves of the Cahalith’s pack hear such a joyful noise, they can claw their way back from the gates of Hell.

Each success achieved on the activation roll heals one point of damage for each of the Cahalith’s packmates (but not the Cahalith herself). These points are healed from right to left on characters’ Health charts. That is, if three successes are rolled, each character heals three points of damage. The type of damage healed doesn’t matter, whether bashing, lethal or aggravated. The Gift simply eliminates one wound per success from right to left on a character sheet.

A packmate must hear the Cahalith’s howl directly for this power to apply. It doesn’t work over the phone, for example. All beneficiaries must also venerate the same pack totem. A character can benefit from the healing provided by Call of Glory only once per day.

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