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Derek Menzies
Don't Panic - Hitchhiker's Guide
Domain Mekhet Unaligned

About Me

He is a scrawny, pale-faced, awkward geek, often wearing glasses while among the Kine. He could be in his early twenties by appearances. He strolled into the town of Sacramento in the Winter of 2018 and keeps to himself as he's generally skittish around people. Especially fellow Kindred. He is always lugging around his laptop bag or has his face buried in his smart phone.


It was revealed that this Mekhet had resided in San Francisco before coming to Sacramento. His Sire had affiliations among The First Estate but apparently succumbed to Torpor, perhaps even by choice. Now the Unbound Childe is learning to fend for himself. Additionally, Derek has revealed himself to be a proficient hacker and has taken an interest in the active Covenants within the Domain.

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