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Has left the building.
Domain Nosferatu Ordo Dracul

Mortal life

Anasztaz Veres was born in Nyíregyháza, Hungary. Third son from the second wife of his father, in an old money family. He was a sickly child unfit for any real work, and thus since early age it was decided that his future would be that of a musician. Albeit with some health complications, under the tutelage of a few masters of good reputation in the art he was growing to be a pianist of promise.

This took a turn when his family was showcasing his abilities in a soirée they hosted. One of the many guests was a young girl, barely of an age where the attributes that designated her sex had manifested, daughter of one of the many families of good means from the towns nearby.

Slave of the Blood

The family was a farce, just slaves from the old and deranged creature that masqueraded as their daughter and held them under her thrall. The girl grew fascinated with his apparent daintiness, frailty and his ability to play the piano, and thus had it so he was taken from his home to never be seen again. He was barely seventeen.

The girl, who was a prominent member of the local Chapter of the Ordo Dracul, brought him into the night to be her companion, servant and toy. An experiment on itself.

Her obsessive possessiveness made her embrace him to not risk losing him to a mortal's death, forced him to feed of no one but her so he would never leave her, but otherwise allowed him a great degree of freedom. Freedom that he was in no position to wish to explore, as the blood compelled him to fawn over her during every waking hour.

Haunt of the Woods

His liberation came during the Russian offensive in the first World War, when the house was raided and the girl - who sought to defend the Haven desperately once her resting place was found - perished to the arms of the soldiers. His place of rest wasn't found, so he awoke that night alone in the empty shell of a house, free to explore his new nature truly.

In the conditions that the war forced upon him, he became the Haunt of the Hungarian woods. Preying on soldiers and displaced families with wild ferocity and abandon. By the time he could establish himself somewhat, he earned enough favors to earn passage to the New World and away from the last years of the conflict that ravaged Europe.

The New World

During his trip to America he wrote a few studies on the subjects that his Sire had forced him to assist her with, in a melancholic prose tinged with the experiences of his years of blood slavery. The texts were eventually translated faithfully to English and earned him some renown among the Dragons of the New World.

The next few years and the circumstances that forced him into torpor are shrouded in mystery, but he emerged recently with the intent of reintegrating with society and retaking a prominent role in the Ordo Dracul.

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