Feral Reflex

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Life ●●●
+ Mind ●●●
Instant None
Covert Perfecting
Duration Prolonged
Adamantine Arrow Sourcebook.jpg
Adamantine Arrow Sourcebook, p. 180
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Many animals move with adroitness and surety that far outstrip that common to humans. Replicating these natural instincts for grace, a mage acquires a heightened ability to evade his enemies’ blows in battle.

For the duration of this spell, the caster uses the greater of his Dexterity or Wits to calculate his Defense, like an animal (see the World of Darkness Rulebook, p. 202).

Adamantine Arrow Rote: Savage Dance

Deciphering only with great difficulty the secrets of the mind, the Thyrsus Arrow, Artemis, developed this rote centuries ago by way of imitating the profound agility of the wolf, the stag and the great cat in time of battle.

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