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MageSpells ● Break the Chains
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Fate ●●●●●
Instant None
Mage The Awakening Sourcebook.jpg
Mage The Awakening Sourcebook, p.158
FC : The Hidden Clause
Ladder : Loophole
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The mage can dispel or rearrange the conditions of another mage’s Geas.

Successes must exceed the Geas’s Potency.

Free Council Rote: The Hidden Clause

This rote enables a Council willworker to shift the specifics of a geas, or to destroy the compulsion utterly. After all, Council members reason, what good can come of respecting the wishes of one who obviously has so little regard for the desires of others as to forcibly bind another to her will?

Silver Ladder Rote: Loophole

Sorcerers of the Silver Ladder are also drawn to this magic in their determination never to be fettered against their will.

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