Controlled Dispellation

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Prime ●●●
Instant None
Mage The Awakening Sourcebook.jpg
Mage The Awakening Sourcebook, p.224
The Mysterium : Slipping the Bonds
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The mage can unravel an existing spell against only those targets he chooses, letting the spell continue to affect others.

  • Practice: Fraying
  • Action: Instant and contested; successes are compared to the target spell’s Potency
  • Duration: Lasting
  • Method: Covert
  • Cost: None

This spell is like Dispel Magic, in all its Arcana requirements (unless the caster has Prime ●●●●, in which case he can perform it with Supernal Dispellation). Controlled Dispellation allows a mage to protect himself or other select individuals from spells while still allowing those spells to take effect. He effectively makes his Pattern (and other targets of his choice) invisible to the spell.

Example: Arctos is thrown into a dungeon that’s protected by an area-affecting spell designed to befuddle anyone within its confines. He casts Controlled Dispellation to prevent the spell from affecting his own Pattern. Since he has not dispelled the magic — only its effect upon himself — his captor does not necessarily know that he is not affected. Arctos can pretend to be befuddled if it suits his escape plan.

Mysterium Rote: Slipping the Bonds

Mysterium mages might find ancient spells guarding old temples. Rather than dispel them and risk the activation of some arcane trap, they can exempt themselves and others from the effects.

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