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Briar Rose
I Woke My Own Self Up
Consilium Thyrsus Apostate
Status ● (Street)

Allies ● (Street)

Allies ● (Criminal)
Disciple of Life,
Apprentice of Fate,
Initiate of Spirit

Briar Rose came roaring into town on her used Yamaha XJ600, based out in black with custom art proudly on display.


Small shapes akin to petals, cascade, shiny ruby in the air, before ending on the ground in a ruddy pool of their own making.

Appearance & Other Notable Facts

You'll never see Briar Rose without her pink hair.

Normally seen wearing a worn leather jacket, with the kanji for Nana korobi, ya oki written down the right arm.

She has seval tattoos:

In a mirror to her jacket, the same kanji runs down her right inner arm, ending at the elbow.

In the heavy, blocky style of kakuji, a yojijukugo marched its four characters around her left wrist: jaku niku kyō shoku, over and over and over again.

Facts about Briar RoseRDF feed
Allies1  +
ApprenticeFate  +
Arcana MasteryDisciple of Life  +, Apprentice of Fate  +, and Initiate of Spirit  +
AvatarFernanda Ly  +
CabalVeiled Threats  +
Character NameBriar Rose  +
Character StatusActive  +
Character TypeMage  +
Consilium Status1  +
DiscipleLife  +
Entheogenic Synesthesia1  +
Extemporaneous Affinity5  +
Fate ArcanaApprentice  +
Forumid334009  +
Has MeritStatus  +, Allies  +, Extemporaneous Affinity  +, and Entheogenic Synesthesia  +
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InitiateSpirit  +
Last PostLast Post  +
Life ArcanaDisciple  +
Lived InSacramento  +
OneaccountNo  +
OrderApostate  +
Order Status0  +
PC or NPCPC  +
PathThyrsus  +
Path Status0  +
PlayerSaber Sloth  +
PlayerID2656  +
Posted16 January 2021  +
Presence2  +
Sacramento End16 January 2021  +
Sacramento Start6 January 2020  +
Secondary PictureYes  +
Spirit ArcanaInitiate  +
Status1  +
Tenure1  +
Threadid41478  +
VenueMage  +
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