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Consilium Mastigos Silver Ladder


There is a rocky island in the South China Sea. What isn't almost vertical is covered in lush tropical vegetation. On the island is a monastery. The monastery has stood there, in one way or another, for millennia. Always, the island has been home to the Thearchs of the Silver Ladder. If he had not Awakened, Henry Sung would be spending his life here, in service to monks as an indentured Proximi servant. Sometimes, fate deals a hand; sometimes, karma is a bitch; sometimes, even venerable Thearch's need to be reminded that the Imperium Mysteriorum is the birthright of all humanity.

Uncarved was not born on the island; he hailed from the New Territories of Hong Kong, scion of a Proximi family. At a young age he was sent to the island as living tribute to the Silver Ladder. His life was plotted out for him: a life of service assisting the Venerable Masters in their work, building towards the fabled Awakened Nation. He was not supposed to grow into a frustrated teenager, nor Awaken under a rival Master's hand early in his twenties. Caught up in the internal politicking of his Order, the young mage returned to the island monastery but was never truly part of its company. Eventually he left after receiving a series of strange visions...

In order to understand those visions, the young mage comes to Sacramento...


Uncarved's Nimbus reflects his Awakening. When it flares, he appears to be wrapped in heavy, arcane looking chains that appear to be winding about his body of their own accord. The chains trail off into nothingness. This image is accompanied by the heavy clink of metal and, strangely, the scent of incense and sweat. It is unclear to the viewer whether he is pulling the chains about himself, of if they originate from another source and he is their resisting their pull.

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