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    This post is ridiculously amazing. And I just want you to know, West , that you have successfully made me feel real-life guilty for my part in making a fictional character feel like that.

    Good job
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    I completely agree. I could feel real pain in that post

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    Awwwww, yusssss.

    Thank you It's awesome to hear I got what I wanted to convey, across. I struggled a bit with it, knowing i was in the 'omg not a textwall' territory and had to pare off bits.

    It's something I had time to think about, obviously, ever since the sushi Scene. I definitely feel a little bad for not taking the easy/fun path but one of the things I really wanted to include with this character was to be different than most of my other characters who would have been Totally All About It. And I guess I did that concept-phase right because every time I considered just saying 'eh, sure, why make waves, obviously cayce and alias like the idea', I got a pretty vehement protest from that little head-space Starzzles lives in. There's also a handful of tidbits like this (this was the only one I could remember/find fast) that I didn't want to back-track on.

    So, thank you, and I feel much better about Complicating Shit.
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