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Great & Not-so-Great Minds Think Alike

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    ROFL... Just, ROFL!

    "Or Falx? The First Talon that carries around an MP5? Or, yeah, Orphan -- the First Talon that carries around swords," West replied.

    I mean, seriously. Unless he wants to learn to fight like a polar bear.

    "Anyway, yeah, she is," he added.

    Maybe I should have shot him.
    Ash felt awkward and understandably so.

    Perhaps he should have shot me.

    "Sorry about that, no offence meant. I'll give Falx a call then."

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    Magical Chinchilla
    Star Scenes

    lol yeah i thought the whole scene was funny
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    'Twas a blast, even if no-one did get shot.

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    Moros, Adamantine Arrow

    Good thing no one got shot! Ankh wasn't on hand to clean up the mess.

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    Dude, sore subject....lol

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