The Dice Roller


This should be the exact name of your character account. Sure, you can use nicknames or anything the Storyteller will recognize but there's a reason. Profile pages have a Bibliography with includes dice rolls and a few stats about all of your character's rolls. That information is based on the name. If your profile name is Richard and you put in Richie... it's not getting included.


This should be your full dice pool and explanation of modifiers. A Storyteller should be able to read and verify this without any interaction or questions about the values. Exceptions might be made, but that's the general rule.
In the case of Mage spells (or any similar action/power) where Successes can be allocated in different ways, it must be stated in the Action or the default will be used. This replicates a declaration before the actual roll -- deciding after the roll isn't allowed.

Dice Pool

In cases where dice are rolled against Defense or Automated Resistance or similar, the full pool is rolled for expediency rather than having to wait for back-and-forth to get modifiers or penalties.

Modifiers, Penalties, and 'Subtracting from the Right'

In cases where penalties are applied, they are deducted from the full pool roll. The dice are rolled sequentially with n-again re-rolls rolled immediately after a success. These are denoted by bold text. The way, beginning on the right, dice which never would have been rolled if penalties had been applied before the roll can be removed without changing the roll. It provides an absolute method for which dice should be removed. To illustrate:

2, 7, 2, 10, 2, 4

The 2 is bold and is the re-roll after the 10. A visual representation of the five dice that were rolled:
10, 2

Removing 2 dice from this roll results in:

2, 7, 2 not 2, 7, 2, 10

Chance Dice

You are free to roll dice for any given situation, but please realize the Storyteller may assess negative modifiers that are then applied. However, per nWoD RAW, a player must always be notified of Chance Die. If unknown and later assessed penalties reduces the roll to a Chance Die, the player will be informed and must decide on whether or not to roll again. This is the sole exception for re-rolls other than specific Storyteller exceptions.