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Ms Clarke has mail

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    Verity Carmen

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    Her flawless form curves where is should, is thick where it needs to be and thinner likewise.

    Perfectly symmetrical, Mistry Green eyes offer ready temptations from beneath the sculpted messy waves of Auburn hair.

    The rocker girl assemble of fishnets, ripped shirts and leather show off just the right amount, to pull every eye to her and ensnare imaginations, without being considered indecent.
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    Dark purple eye shadow, with black eyeliner. Just enough Mascara to make her eye lashes look jet black against the purple.

    Matching Purple lipstick over full lips, to which a clear lip gloss gives a lustrous shine.

    Foundations 3 shades lighter than her already fair skin tone. Something that is only really visible when she blushes as her face remains rather pale.

    All her nails are painted a glossy Jet black.

    Stylishly messy Auburn hair past her shoulders.
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    The following is in a legible hand written in biro on lined paper and in a plain white evolve marked only with the name of the recipient.

    Dear Ms. Clarke

    I hope your doing well.

    I am looking into the event you brought to my attention. I cannot as you are aware discuss the matter further at this time. But know your concerns have been noted and are being acted upon.

    I think it is time the Daeva of this domain meet to discuss the future and representation of our clan. I extend to you an invitation to my haven. (Address provided) at (Time given) on the 2nd of may. It is my hope we can come to some agreement regarding who should take the stage.

    If you are aware of any other of our cousins in the domain please pass along the details of this meeting.

    Yours Sincerncerly

    Verity Carmen
    Daeva Vice: Pride. BP: 1 Dollface

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    Jennifer Hazelton

    Dear Ms. Carmen,
    Yes, we are all very well aware of what you will be discussing. I shall be at the meeting and look forward to it with anticipation.
    Stacey Clarke, of clan Daeva and Coterie Utilis Adiutores

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