5 W's

Who: Anyone

What: Side threads are off shoots of a primary thread scene. They occur in the same time and at the same place as the primary thread. Side threads are not
  • Private
  • A continuation/new scene

Where: Side threads are created in the same forum as the primary thread. They are occurring within that primary thread.

When: Side threads are appropriate for scenes with larger number of toons. Examples include Court, Consillium, Eternal Seasons, Shard scenes. They are also appropriate for when the ST says they are.

Why: They are to help facilitate RP by allowing a small group of toons interact in a smaller group/conversation set up.


Nexus I
Who: 13 Toons + Faceless mass
Where: Nexus

In the main thread, 4 toons establish that they are talking/interacting with each other and not the room at large:

His hand slipped away from the Daeva to gesture. It was a small movement; subtle, easily missed and requiring a degree of focus on him to catch. And it wasn't meant for either of those Twist had remarked upon.

Come here, little shrike.
It was in that look that she saw someone approaching them. An eyebrow lifted in pleased surprise, "Though it seems not tonight..." she murmured for his ears alone even as she watched the woman approach gave Mhairi an appraising once over.
She's careful on her feet, each step measured, as her anticipation builds. She hadn't met the women accompanying Asa before now. Holding no surprise that someone as....everything as the petite beauty is his chose of companion. Mhairi meets her eyes, as she's appraised. It had been a long, long time since Mhairi had cast down her eyes from Fear or shame.

"Hello." she says once she close enough that the music wont drown out her voice.
Angel cooly approaches them, catching the tail end of a conversation about companionship.

"There is a reassurance to being touched, in knowing that someone else, someone close to you, wants to be touching you. Wouldn't you say?"
Thus a side thread can now be set up!

How to Set Up

In the same forum as the primary thread, create a new topic.

The top of the page should already show existing open threads, including the primary thread. Click on the threadID button to add it to the Categories and Link the side thread to the primary thread. Add additional and appropriate categories. (In the example: Nexus & Millarr)

Add the original title of the primary thread in parentheses and add an additional appropriate title for the side thread.

Add content to the start of the thread and post.

In the primary thread, a post is made to notify participants/STs about the creation of the side thread. This post includes a link to the side thread.

With the auto-linking feature now triggered, once a toon posts in the side thread, their posting marble should automatically drop from the primary thread and be added instead to the side thread.

How to Leave

Once a toon is ready to leave the side thread and rejoin the primary thread, they should utilize the Exit Scene feature. (This feature can be used to leave a scene altogether as well)

In the advanced editor, under the expenditure option, enter ExitScene

This will remove the toon's marble tracker from the scene and they are able to rejoin the primary or leave the scene entirely.

Final Note

Once a side scene is started and correctly linked, it will show at the top of the primary thread along with the appropriate marble trackers.