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Ellis dealt Agg

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    Shout-out to Killian, Psychangel, Domino, and Cross for one of the best Mean Girl Simulator threads I've read in a long time. That chain was gold, Moretti GIFs and reaction images abound.

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    I appreciate the likes and the shout out. I really appreciate Cross as well, the meta dialogue we were having with our words and inner thoughts about the worth and use of boons within vampire society was not at all what I expected to happen when I accidentally had ellis ghost lina earlier in the thread! I think it was a really good thing that was had, as well as the interaction with Killian's character. When two outlooks clash like this, everyone can improve.

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    I had a ton of fun. I feel like some character growth happened for Mable there. So yay!! I really enjoy Jack, Ellis, and Lina. Thanks everyone.
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