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Failure to Muster

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    The Fiery Forgemaster
    (Wrath's fire can break any metal.)
    (Arms Dealers)
    Cole Volker

    An average man with a few scars and burns, in the mask his skin is a faint grey color and his veins seem to glow at times.
    Cole Volker Scenes



    Hey, Lass. Not going to the ah... Event. Don't worry I'm fine- just don't want to grace King Dick with my presence not long after my sentencing, as if things were alright between us.

    Well, "fine" in that he'd only had a few drinks today- only half a box so far! Still, best not to let his friend worry.

    Anyways- started looking for inspiration on outfits and stuff, sketched something based off of https://dragonage.fandom.com/wiki/Templar_Armor_(Dragon_Age_II)?file=TemplarArmorDAI I.png]this[/url]. Might be a bit on the heavy side, but if we only use armor for the main vulnerable places and use leather and reinforced threads for the rest...what do you think?

    X could help with those bits, most likely. The armor might be too heavy for most lings, but someone trained enough could manage it. And with some magical reinforcement, who could complain at the results?

    Heh. Also drew this for ya. Not sure where I saw it before... Frilly and pink- sound right up your alley.

    Cole hoped that the humor wouldn't be lost in translation.

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    Striking Looks
    Mantle Dry Heat

    Merit-Striking Looks (exotic)

    Her skin turns a slate-blue and her hair bone white. The whites of her eyes are blood red, the irises are purple with cat-slit black pupils. The helix of her ears elongate out 2" inches ending in a tip. Her features sharpen and her figure has an unnatural, inhuman litheness that can be intellectually disturbing.

    MI On the Tail
    LI Faces
    BBQ by river

    Her skin brings to mind Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, or Asian races, though her high cheek bones and sharp facial structure don't match. Most assume she is of mixed ancestry given the pale blonde hair.


    Circe texted back

    Anybody ask, u honor say no return so soon. Honor is big. Love the skirts. Love the pink. Summer boy and Summer girl armor? Tell them u trying 2 get it to change by wearer gender?

    Got a few fop uniforms from the 1800s too.

    As an after thought she decided to text:

    U want me get football pads 4 base 2 prototype?

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