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Adam Chen & Macgrueder Scene 5

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    Jennifer Hazelton

    The door to the motel office opened and a man stared out at the parking lot. He could see the vehicles there from his perch and whistled shrilly as he walks outside the building. The pit bull pads after him, nearly silent. The dog moves to the rear of Diane's vehicle, sniffing the ground intently. The man walks up to Diane's car, inspecting the broken window. He lifts his gaze to door #6 that had been Diane's room. He lifts his un - tucked red shirt, revealing a clip of keys there as he starts to approach room #6, whistling softly under his breath.

    "Any one in there?" The man raps on the door to #6 with a knuckle. His voice is friendly, his posture relaxed. You hadn't seen a gun when he'd lifted his shirt, but that just cleared his waistband.

    The lone man that Tal had seen on the phone ended the conversation and clipped his phone to his belt. He walked off of the steps of the restaurant and was crossing to the hotel. At his current pace, he would arrive at the motel parking lot where Diane's now broken into car and Jodie's van were parked, in full view of the cell in about two minutes. Perhaps most disturbingly, the two pit bulls led the man, racing on ahead a few dozen steps and then patiently waiting for him to reach them before they darted forward. Those muscular beasts were eager.

    New Scene for Tal, Sam, Alistair and Jodie. Please use this thread

    Justin Cayce Cross Djinn

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    Alistair shot Jodie, Sam and Tal a text: Pretending to be a Fed team without saying it outright. Authority up and let me do the talking.

    Then, he exited Mr. Walker's room, a smile crossing his face as he did. All sociable, all nice, no big deal - he was Mr. Friendly in that instant. For now.

    The fact that he had a pair of silenced pistols hidden beneath his coat really didn't make him feel all that friendly, but hey. He checked to make sure Sam was with him, and then went out to greet the shitbird kidnapper.

    "Hello!" he said, all cordial and polite. "Mr. Chen, is it? My name is Thompson. This is Harris. Mind if we have a word? We'd like to ask you a few questions. In there is fine, if you'd like." He gave a little nod to the door where the girls had gone into, speaking in terms of polite authority. He was sure they could hear him. He wasn't that far away.

    He gave MacGreuder a friendly wave. No big deal.

      2 sux to lie about name, 3 sux to lull him into social pleasantness and get them to like/cooperate with Alistair
    Date Action Roll Result
    2014-07-17 18:19:02 Alistair Smith rolls 8 to Manipulation+Subterfuge+SL (10 Again) 7, 1, 6, 8, 5, 8, 3, 6 2 successes
    2014-07-17 18:17:04 Alistair Smith rolls 8 to Manipulation+Socialize+SL (10 Again) 4, 3, 4, 4, 7, 10, 8, 8, 1 3 successes

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    Between the text, Tal's words and the knock on the door, Jo was in no state to be making guesses about much of anything. At all. She took a moment to look at Tal, before slipping over to the door and doing her best to keep her expression neutral. Really she wanted to shove a gun in his face with a smile and ask where the hell Diane was. But she didn't. She'd leave this to the people who theoretically knew what they were doing...

    ... especially since so far they hadn't decided it was relevant to fully disclose what the plan was to her.

    The explosive she'd pulled out made its way back into her bag before she unlocked and unlatched the door, peeking her head out for a moment. "... uh, hi?" Wait wait, IN? Her expression settled on Alistair, clearly puzzled as she tried to figure out what on earth she was supposed to say. He wanted her to let the man inside?
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    Jennifer Hazelton

    "No... No, I don't think so." Chen smiles back to Alistair, just as friendly as Alistair was behaving.

    "That rooms not paid for, you see. Highly irregular for me to traipse around in there. Much more professional for us to head to my office. Now that your ... colleges... have seen the room... and broken into that car..."

    His eyes flick to the broken window and the prowling dog. Chen whistles low and the dog trots to his side, sitting obediantly at Chen's feet. Those eyes latch onto Alistair, staring deeply at him. The nose twitches, sensitive to whatever was being carried into that olfactory super computer.

    "Why don't I see some I.D.?"

    Chen stated, puzzled.

    Date Action Roll Result
    2014-07-18 01:08:39 Hunter Storyteller rolls 6 to Chen resisting (10 Again) 8, 7, 5, 6, 8, 10, 6 3 successes
    Date Action Roll Result
    2014-07-18 01:09:41 Hunter Storyteller rolls 6 to Chen resisting (10 Again) 5, 8, 5, 9, 6, 10, 5 3 successes

    Macgrueder & two animals are 2 turns away at a walking pace

    Cayce Djinn Cross Justin

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    Tal waited behind Jodie, who had still not left the room. The blanket was still draped over her hands, gun, and arms, but it didn't really matter given that she was still trapped in the room, behind the woman peeking her head out. Was the woman really that scared? Lurking in the room wouldn't do anything. If Jodie wanted to hide, fine, but Tal had to get outside. She had people to protect and three big fucking dogs to protect them from.

    "Step out or move," Tal ordered from behind the Pyrotechnician. Unfortunately, the lies the Mr. Chen was telling weren't doing anything to help Tal's mood, and the potential for violence was already seeping into her blood. If the Israeli was outside, she wouldn't have put up with Chen's bullshit. She would have confronted him with knowledge of what had happened here, but this wasn't her game. She'd passed the ball to Alistair, so to speak, and her job was now to protect him.

    Would Jodie stand in her way?

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    Alistair shook his head. It was time to sell hard or go home. He spoke just loud enough so MacGreuder could hear too.

    “No, that's quite all right. I won't bullshit you. We are pretty damn sure you two were involved in the taking of someone who matters a great deal to people. Just grabbed the wrong lady at the wrong time, it turns out. That could be very, very bad. But there's a way out of this for you, scot-free. Richer, even, if that's of interest.”

    Richer? Sure, why not? Alistair had tons of money, and he absolutely would pay to turn this situation into one where they saved this woman's life. It was the right thing to do.

    He kept his hands ready, ready to draw, ready to dive through the door with the ladies, ready.

    “Help us make this right, tell us what you know, and you two can just... walk away clean. Start over. I'm able to make it rather lucrative for anybody who helps us find the woman and apprehend the people who are behind this. The people responsible for it. Think about it. No more dusty hell-hole. No more corrupt lawmen. You can do better than this, if you do the right thing here.”

      3 sux to Persuade before any situational bonuses for offering a hefty bribe
    Date Action Roll Result
    2014-07-18 03:03:17 Alistair Smith rolls 12 to Manipulation+Persuasion+SL+WP (10 Again) 2, 5, 8, 7, 10, 2, 5, 4, 1, 1, 3, 10, 5, 6 3 successes

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    Jennifer Hazelton

    "What's this?" Chen laughs, sounding surprised.

    "You haven't served me a warrant or read me my rights. You haven't declared your office or shown me a badge." Chen shakes his head.
    "Not my first rodeo, cowboy. You trying to entrap me or are you for real? You want to assure me of that before he gets here." His eyes flick to the man walking over from the restaurant.

    "I'd love to get the fuck out of this shit hole and this shitty crap that they do here. But they got me trapped right good." Chen's voice dips to barely inaudible.

    "If I betray D'angelo and then they just kill you or put you in the Gulag after I've moved to you, my ass is right with yours. And we don't know each other, do we."

    The smile doesn't reach his eyes. He's smiling that same smile that he gave to the motel room door when he was enticing Jodie and Tal to exit, but he's not trying to sell it to you. His eyes are flicking to that approaching man and his two growling dogs. His eyes flick to Alistair, challenging. Something flickers within. Hope.

    A second later his expression clouds and he looks down, disgust souring his expression. Disgust or self loathing?
    His eyes steal up, watching MacGruder's approach. A minute away, now.

    Justin Tal Djinn Cross

    Date Action Roll Result
    2014-07-19 03:10:56 Hunter Storyteller rolls 6 to Chen resisting (10 Again) 6, 1, 3, 1, 2, 7 failure

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    "We are the kind of people who go places with silenced weapons and body armor under our clothes, Mr. Chen, not warrants and badges. Do you understand what I mean?" His words were quiet so that Macgreuder couldn't hear them, and encouraging. He moved just so, providing Chen with just a little flash of exactly what he promised beneath his coat: a silencer. It wasn't a threat. It was confirmation of the message he was sending: D'Angelo and Company weren't going to be killing them. They were not soft targets whatsoever.

    Perhaps it would give him the confidence he needed to jump ship, along with a reminder of the deadly consequences of betraying him.

      3 sux to persuade, WP risked +1 WP, 1 sux to Perception
    Date Action Roll Result
    2014-07-19 03:25:54 Alistair Smith rolls 12 to Manipulation+Persuasion+SL+WP (Risk Willpower) (10 Again) 4, 3, 5, 3, 10, 7, 10, 5, 1, 2, 8, 3, 4, 2 3 successes
    2014-07-19 03:23:55 Alistair Smith rolls 5 to Perception (10 Again) 4, 7, 2, 2, 8 1 success

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    Date Action Roll Result
    2014-07-19 04:25:25 Tal rolls 6 to perception (10 Again) 2, 3, 5, 1, 3, 5 failure
    Tal, Soldier, Union, Presence 3 (Steady), Status 2 (Concealed Carry)

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    Date Action Roll Result
    2014-07-19 16:43:57 Jodie Hollins rolls 5 to Perception Check! (10 Again) 3, 8, 5, 7, 4 1 success

    Jodie's expression turned on Tal with a raised brow as she simply gestured at the door, using the doorframe as a form of cover but not blocking the entrance or exit of anyone who might wish it. She was starting to wonder if Tal had issues performing under pressure, which hardly made her feel any safer in this instance. But the doorframe was a comfort, aptly hiding the hand that was tucked into her purse around the larger gun within. She was ready for this to come to shots, and somehow people were less scary to her than that ghost thing - or those dogs.

    ... Geez, now that she had the opportunity to see them herself, they were kinda freaky. And it wasn't like she didn't like dogs, either! She wondered, briefly, if feigning a dander allergy would be enough to persuade them to set the dogs away, or at least come inside... away from the dogs. Damnit, though, she was such an awful liar.

    Gulag, though... that term struck her. The way he'd used it indicated he meant it less as the administration system, and more as a concentration camp. This was a backwater place, she supposed it wasn't impossible that he'd adopted the term of out unpleasant slang - much the same as idiots who still called Japanese 'Japs' or African-Americans 'niggers' like uneducated beasts - but it indicated a few things, that particular term.

    For one thing, it indicated there was a place that people were being held - possibly people like Diane, given the way the man spoke of it - and for another it indicated that they might, in fact, be alive still. That was the first spark of hope she'd had in a little while.
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    Zodiac Sinead Lovekin Jodie Hollins

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