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Sacramento U Evening Arts Lecture

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    tsameti's Avatar

    Ruby leans against the desk at the front of the lecture hall. She's borrowed Phrymides' Macbook Air to run the bare-bones slide show, and the slick machine sits malapert and aluminate beside her. It's very fancy, maybe Ruby would save up for one herself.

    She breaths in deep, thoughts seeping back to college, to all the excitement and new experiences. Funny, before she couldn't have imagined how deeply it paled to Awakening.

    A nice young man from Clarice's class huffed in the corner, arms wrapped around the first of three large cases he'd brought in on a dolly. Ruby never could have carried it herself, and greatly appreciated the help. He was fairly quiet, well dressed, and clearly only participating for the well being of his resume. His mind was far away, and Ruby didn't feel much like bothering him.

    Clarice was outside, manning the door. Only two students and the grey bearded Art Provost had arrived yet. The lecture itself started at 8:30. Just a little early still.

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    Joshua Morris's Avatar


    Ruby had mentioned something about a lecture tonight at the University, and not really having anything better to do Joshua decided, what the hell. He came out, expecting to be able to hide in the crowd of students that would no doubt be there. He'd seen academic lectures in movies, and figured it would be quite similar: a couple hundred students in a semi-circle around the lecturer, maybe bored out of their minds, maybe paying studious attention (that part seemed to vary depending upon what movie it was).
    Joshua had never actually been to college. Entering the auditorium, his expectations were quite let down.
    There was no crowd to hide behind; there were now (he counts quickly as he scans the room) five students, and a handful of other people who appeared to be staff or otherwise there in an official capacity. And in an odd way, even though it wasn't going to be him talking, Joshua felt as though he were going to be in the spotlight tonight--because if this group didn't get any bigger, it seemed likely that Ruby was going to be looking to him as the lecture went on, since he'd be the only one she recognized.
    Well, crap.
    Seeing that she's spotted him, he gives a quick wave and what is meant to be a reassuring smile but looks more like a rictus. He takes a seat as far back as he can, and waits.

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    tsameti's Avatar

    Joshua! Ruby breaks into the faintest of smiles and gives a tiny, but energetic wave. She's a little surprised he came. Her hair is swept back but just barely, a few strands clinging stubbornly to her face. Her eyes are reddened, and she brings a white handkerchief unceremoniously to her knows and blows.

    It's very gross. She's all snotty and awful and her eyes hurt and she it's so hard not to start crying and -

    She swallows, and turns away. Clearing her throat as quietly as she can, again and again, one hand wiping away at her face. She fiddles with the computer, barely knowing how the dumb thing works but it keeps her occupied for the long moment it takes her to calm down again.

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    Premsyl's Avatar

    Simon Oita arrives at the lecture hall. He wasn't a student but as an artist he was, of course, interested in the arts.

    He is an extremely skinny man, with light skin, long black hair and slightly slanted eyes - siggesting his heritage. He takes a seat at the back, not far from Joshua.
    Cameron Levine - BP2 - Ventrue, Invictus

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    Derek Noble's Avatar


    Derek Noble arrives well before the start time for the lecture. He knows that seeing who else is attending, and with whom, is often the best part of such things, and there's also the possibility of some good conversation with someone he already knows or opportunities to make interesting new acquaintances.

    He's dressed in a light gray suit jacket, black slacks, leather shoes and a robin's egg blue silk shirt. In the past he would have attended something like this dressed in a much more casual manner - he recalls attending guest lectures in college dressed in cut-offs, t-shirts and sandals - but it is important that the Wagner Academy's staff convey an impression of professionalism and style when attending public functions.

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    tsameti's Avatar

    The student assistant finishes hoisting the last case on top of a fold out table to Ruby's left. The table sags just slightly at the weight, but it's a surprisingly spunky piece of furniture. It will hold.

    After a moment of trepidation, the student comes to the same conclusion as our narrator and gets to the business of unlatching the cases. In each one, three carefully wrapped parcels are smothered in thick black supportive foam. He reaches to grab the first, but before his clumsy fingers reach the delicate object Ruby swats him away.

    "Shoo! Those are fragile." She murmurs hoarsely as she takes his place and begins unpacking them herself. Layers of heavy brown Archaeology paper and bubble wrap come undone in her quick, delicate fingers, which she folds carefully and sets back into the case. Old ceramic is unpeeled, with an earthen smell and hints of the agricultural bounty it once held: a pre-Columbian maize jar, ocher painted and depicting animalistic Rain spirits and intricate patterns. She moves on to the second parcel, removing a set of seventeen shattered pieces of a painted relief. It looks almost Meso-American, but a keen historian might recognize a strangely Greek influence.

    The third piece she unwraps draws a few chittery giggles from the students. The African fertility statue is a favorite at Ruby's talks, helping to lighten the atmosphere and keep the attention of less excited attendees. The masked man supports a massive erect phallus with one tiny hand, a scandalous expression on his face. Ruby scowls a little as she places the figure on the desk, hardly in the mood to make as much fun out of the vulgar thing as she usually does.

    She continues quietly to unravel each piece in the second case.

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    West (The Mage)'s Avatar

    Adamantine Arrow


    West showed up, his concession to fashion being a pair of jeans, a black pullover, and the ridiculous haircut that Ankh's hairdresser had given him. He waved to Ruby, then saw Joshua, and made his way over to sit next to him. He's pleased to see the Sentinel had taken a seat with a view.

    He wasn't a particular fan of art, other than some tricky Resonance art that Hephaestus had once showed him, but he knew there would be an earful from Tyria if Ruby got shot or something during the lecture.

    "You're cabal-mates, aren't you?" West asked Joshua.


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    Derek Noble's Avatar


    Derek notices West walk in and recognizes him from... somewhere. It takes awhile, but finally he remembers "He was in the room with no doors... and he was with that woman who said she was a mage!"

    Intrigued, and hoping perhaps to get an opportunity to talk to this fellow, Derek sits a few seats away from West.

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    Animus's Avatar



    Animus didn't consider himself an art lover, but had decided to show some support for his Cabal-mate. He enters, looking around the room for anyone he recognises. He spots the Arrow Magister, but doesn't see any other familiar faces in the small audience, until... there, way in the back, is Joshua.

    Animus walks over and takes a seat next to him. "Anything interesting happen yet?"

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    Premsyl's Avatar

    Simon notes the arrival of another Changeling. One of the Fair ones from the look of it. If Simon can catch his eye he'll nod a greeting. If he can't, then it makes no difference to him. Perhaps after the talk was over he'd introduce himself.

    He awaits the beginning of the lecture.
    Cameron Levine - BP2 - Ventrue, Invictus

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