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(2102) Trio in the Corner

Feb 2, 2021 : (2102)Formal Court
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    "The pleasure is mine." Edward let his hand drop to his side with a smile for Alexander.

    Dirt Nap's failure to acknowledge Edward's existence exacerbated his preexisting annoyance with the Savage. But, he wasn't in the mood for prickliness; and, Edward did still like the cowboy.

    Taking in the Savage's words, Edward gave the giant a closer look. He had written off Alexander's physical signals of unease as the general strangeness of the Haunts. That may have been foolish. Maybe the Savage, with his closeness to beasts, was more in tune with these things.

    Alexander did seem okay, though, so Edward didn't want to read too much into it. Instead, he greeted Dirt Nap.

    "Good evening, Mr. Clay. I trust the nights have found you well?"

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    Alexander looked between the two Kindred, hoping that he hadn’t trapped himself in the corner with perhaps the two most dangerous men in the room. He was glad that Dirt Nap had been concerned for him, regardless of the exact reason, and making the acquaintance of a thing such as Mr. Edward Heinrich was a small step forward to truly becoming familiar with the Domain. Yet here he was, back to the wall and nowhere to go.

    There was no threat beyond the bearing of the men themselves, the graceful silhouette and the watchful predator. Good friends to have in any case. Alexander straightens up and watches as Mr. Heinrich greeted Dirt Nap, the two seem to already know each other.
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    There is a very soft buzzing sound, and Dirt nap turns to the others, "Mister Heinrich, Alexander. I'm sorry. I need to check on something. Might be urgent." Dirt Nap says.

    He walks away from them about six or seven paces, and peeks at his phone.

    "I have to go." He says as much to himself as to the others, aware that everything is overheard in Court.

    He bows deeply towards the Prince, and Twist and Alice Hart and then towards Jennifer Hazelton.

    Then he leaves the Court as if he has miles to travel before the dawn comes.

    I am putting the character on hiatus. I posted about it in Posting Interruptions. I am sorry for the inconvenience!
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    "Of course, Mr. Clay. Until next we speak." Edward nodded to the man, not realizing just how long that would be.

    The crowd had started to disperse, and Edward was content to leave socializing with the giant for a different occasion when there would be less rush.

    "It appears the time has gotten away from me, Mr. Moore. I shall look forward to speaking with you at length another time. A good night to you." Edward nodded and departed.

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