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Paying in blood

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    Her wounds healed as the time passed and after taking a shower and dressing in her own clothes Aimée felt almost good again. The little voice inside her head didn't let her forget her duty, though, so she sat down in one of her leather chairs and thought about where to go, while looking at one of her favourite pcitures on the wall. She put if up again right after she got home, something not even this nagging could prevent her of - there were going to be better times from now on, she knew it and this picture reinforced her believe: a beautiful woman sitting calmly on a bench under a tree in the middle of a field of flowers, some bright spots showing the sunlight falling through the branches...

    But she had to focus. At first she thought about Club Avalon, since it certainly seemed to be the most sophisticated club of Sacramento, but the fear of meeting Argent again made her look for alternatives. But there weren't really any save bets for 'respected beautiful women'; if Argent's there she could act accordingly, but she certainly won't cover at home just because that bastard somehow managed to overcome her charm. No, the Avalon it was.

    She drove her white Mini to Club Avalon and entered. Now, where are you, Prettyboy? As far as she could tell he wasn't there, so she could instead look out for a woman that met Samael's criteria.

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    As usual, there is no lack of attractive people, both female and male, in the Avalon. Aimée recognizes a few faces, though off hand she can't recall from quite where.... the young, pretty brunette woman, the model-thin Asian woman in the exquisite gown, and the statuesque blonde with her arm wrapped around the arm of a tall, athletic-looking man with chiseled features. Others are completely unknown to her, but striking nonetheless... nicely dressed, attractive, dynamic. All are around other people and appear to be attracting a fair share of attention, and to be met with the approval of their peers.

    Aimée has no way of knowing how any of these women feel about themselves, or whether those around them truly respect them, or are merely hangers-on who engage in cruel gossip behind their backs, but they look like good candidates for meeting the conditions of her pact with Samael.

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    Okay, there was the prey, now how should Aimée learn about how respected they are? She couldn't just go there and ask directly.. or could she? Aimée thought for a moment: she could impersonate some sort of talent scout - no need to get detailed, as soon as there's much money involved most people don't ask further questions - and try to get someone to follow her to her loft. There she could pay her debt.

    Aimée straightened her back (a feeling she just got used to again), put on a winning smile and approached the woman she percieved as most confident and truly respected.
    "Good evening, my name is Rebecca Wizer. May I talk to you for a second?"


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    scoping the crowd

    Aimée notices that the Asian woman looks extremely uncomfortable with all the attention she is receiving... she does not appear particularly confident, now that she looks closely. Similarly, the statuesque blonde appears to cling a bit too closely to her date, an is clearly unhappy each time he glances at some other woman.

    The brunette, on the other hand... she appears at ease, and very accepting of others' attention, almost as if she expects it. Aimée recognizes that look... she felt that way once, not so long ago. There are three people around her, two women and a man.

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    "Good evening, my name is Rebecca Wizer. May I talk to you for a second?" Aimée muttered her prepared introduction another time as she approached her prey. She failed the last time, this time it had to be perfect. Finally, once she was near enough she activated her blood given powers to enhance her credibility.

    "Good evening, my name is Rebecca Wizer. May I talk to you for a second?"


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    The brunette woman turns to Aimée, clearly not impressed but nonetheless tactful.

    "I suppose so. What did you wish to speak about, Ms. Wizer?"

    Aimée having failed to make a good initial impression will be at -1 on Social rolls against this woman (Disciplines are not so penalized).

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    Aimée almost hesitated, taken back by the cold answer, but then she forced herself to keep her composure. Instead, she extended her hand and continued with the part of her plan that was going to be more improvised.

    "I'm here to make you an offer; I assure you, it's nothing immoral, but rather ..lucrative. Are you interested, Ms..?"

    better luck?

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    The woman smiles this time. "Lucrative always sounds good. Ceclila Brandt." She extends her perfectly-manicured hand.

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    "Pleased to meet you, miss Brandt. Would you like something to drink? At my cost, of course. Then we discuss the specifics in detail."

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    "Sure, I can use another," Cecilia says. She catches the bartender's eye and orders a drink. "Steve, ladies," she nods to her companions. "I'll be back in a bit."

    "Where shall we sit?

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