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Hunting the Hunter

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    Vitae stuff

    Conner walked down the Alleyway where he had seen the man. The same man that torpered a kindred in one punch. A man who Conner himself had caught eating another Kindred. To many things to be a coincidence. And now this man had a taste of our blood. This was unacceptable. The Prince wanted the issue resolved as did the Reeve and tonight Conner would resolve the issue.

    Conner waited for Jayant to arrive.

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    Jayant Nagaraj's Avatar

    Jayant Nagaraj



    The Primogen makes his way to the alley where Grey ahd apparently seen something making a meal of one of there own. Personally, he had his own reservations, his mind still considering Circe's Farm and what occured there.

    I must contact Dirge after this, he thought as he entered the alley and spotted Connor, the man's hidden Beast readily apparent.

    "Hello again."

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    Conner Greyson

    "Mr. Nagaraj, thank you for coming" Conner says in greeting, Not wanting to use the mans Honorific in public where any bum could hear. Conner suppressed a shudder, last thing he needed was more bums. "I appreciate your help in this. Mr. Culler and Mr. Clarke would like this resolved. I have a slim lead but it is better then nothing."

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    Jayant Nagaraj's Avatar

    Jayant Nagaraj


    "The girl?" Jayant asks, intrigued.

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    Conner Greyson

    "No, actually, Mr. Clarke gave me the Idea." Conner said, "Mr. Clarke said that he told the man to stay away from his establishment."

    "My theory is Mr. Clarke Told him to stay away from his establishments." Conner said, "So we start looking at small time bars where a man such as him would spend his time, what do you think?"

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    Fractured's Avatar

    There are few pedestrians out and about this area tonight, and even fewer that want to go looking into alleys, for fear they might see something, so the Kindred are fairly safe from prying eyes. As they debate the course of their investigation, an ambulance speeds past, muffling Grey's voice with its manic siren.

    Just another night in the city.

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    Forn Clakes's Avatar

    "If that's what Mr. Clarke has directed, I can only agree. I, however, have never seen the person we are hunting. I will be relying on your eyes for the most part."

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    Conner Greyson

    "He is Nearly Impossible to miss, He is a large black man with a thick beard and a gold teeth." Conner explains to his hunting partner "Mr. Clarke Recommended we contact a Mr. Barrett? Do you know him?"

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    Forn Clakes's Avatar

    "Charlie Barrett? Yes I have but I don't know him personally."

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    Conner Greyson

    Conner nods to the other Shadow, "We know he will not be at the Asylum, we can assume also he will not be at the Avalon. Do you know any other locations that are within Mr. Clarke's holdings?" Conner asked.

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