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Look for ST for PRP

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    Anatole and Titania have been scheming...

    But before that happens they are determined to have a little 'blow off' at a casino. With some Fae magic thrown in for good measure. Originally they planned for a trial run at a local establishment in, or near Sacramento before heading out to Vegas for a trip. Given the site conventions and the difficulty of running two similar PrPs, it might be advisable to collapse everything into one PrP.

    I'd run the scene if I wasn't actively participating in it, and I think it is a little more involved than a simple social scene between two player characters.

    Would anyone be running this kind of thing?

    BRIEF SYNOPSIS - Anatole and Titania visit a casino in an attempt to turn their nest egg into something bigger... And they intend to use Contracts as a means to massage Lady Luck into giving them favours. Naturally, this sort of thing can lead to so many situations...

    If anyone is interest I can elaborate further.

    Vincent is there anything further to add?

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    Nothing to add. Hopefully we'll be able to make out with a generous bounty. :devil:

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    This doesn't seem like it w I understand be very complicated, and would be fun!

    If you guys don't get someone else interested in running this I'll be happy to help

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    Thanks Saber Sloth

    Let us know if / when it is convenient for you. You have enough to manage without catering to us

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    Sorry I haven't been able to start this yet! I want to wait until I'm not posting by phone to start anything new. And I'll let you guys know when things are good to go forward!!

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