Kaze listens as Skye opens up about how she sees herself and others and how she tries to interact with people, her goals.

He nods and makes listening noises to encourage her to talk more about herself and her feelings and her motives and goals in her relationships. It's interesting to hear what she thinks.

When she asks him about what all guys expect, he laughs a little. "Hey, I can't tell you what 'all guys' expect, Skye!" He protests!

"I can tell you that just because a guy is confident and goes for what he wants doesn't mean he really expects it, like that he's entitled or something." Kaze says thoughtfully. "It's kind of a negotiation thing sometimes. If you know what you want, and it isn't what a guy wants, and you say so, some guys will respect you more for it, even if it doesn't seem like they're listening."

He thinks about what he's said, fully realizing that he didn't say up front what he didn't want, when Phoenyx seemed to be the one expecting immediate sexual gratification, and how it got their relationship off on the wrong track from the beginning. He doesn't point out to Skye that in his experience, it's not always just the guys who seem to just want sex. Skye herself came across that way when he first met her, and he did better than with Phoenyx, explaining to Skye where he was coming from, and they seem to have a better friendship for it, at least in his opinion.