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(2008) Late August Formal - Page 5
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(2008) Late August Formal

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    Skye's Avatar
    Striking looks
    (Flawless movement)

    A flowering of wildflowers accompanied by their scent and the sounds of a calm wind dancing over the sea. The more vulgar the spells, the meaner the magic the stronger the winds, the flowers blooming only to quickly decay and spread the scent of death with them.

    Standing 152.4cm tall, her hair color changing on a regular basis, usually braided but not always.

    Her body seemingly quite petite and small but upon closer inspection so is it unexpectedly sturdy, her left arm well trained with more defining muscles than her right arm.

    Rarely seen without an armguard and archer glove on her left hand.

    Each and every movement always precise, rarely if ever wasting any more effort than needed to achieve her desired result.

    Zippo lighter
    Arm guard and archer glove.
    Waterskin 1L
    Wooden coin worn around her neck, magical tool.


    Defense: 10
    Armor: 2 (organic resilience)
    Speed: 14
    Initiative: 11

    Spells active: 3 of 5
    Spell tolerance 3 of 3

    [2]Organic Resilience(Shield 2E pot 3, rit)
    Body Mastery +2 (pot 3, rit)
    Honing the form dex +4 (pot 4, rit)
    Skye Scenes
     Spell exp, used around hallow, 


    Body Mastery +2
    life mage sight/pulse of the living world
    Organic Resilience 2E monthly pot2

    Giving Naga a warm gentle smile, picking up her phone to check her number before giving it over.
    "We can do it here, your place or my place but that is a bit off that might not be the best of things but we will need to be away from others to make sure our conversation goes undisturbed so tell me whenever your'e free the sooner the better of course."

    The talk of the artifact no longer being of any interest to her she had delivered her message and were done there but this talk of abyssal spiders did sound worrisome though, listening to Phoenyx words before speaking up not really interested to comment on governing or how the place should be run she was both to new for that and to uninterested in any form of politics.
    "If you need any help executing that plan so will I gladly lend my assistance to the efforts first talon."
    A look towards Guru.
    "So use fire and bolster your body against venoms in advance, that is not an all to complicated feat and if you wanna be even safer so is it not all to hard to make poison go slower through your body as well giving you a double defense."

    Skye is down for eradicating spiders.
    Monthly rituals: Life spells - see mini sheet

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    Phoenyx's Avatar
    Presence (Focused)
    Trained Observer
    Dexterity (Lithe)
    Spells and Gear

    Monthly rits (cloaked):
    Supernal Vision (Pot 6)
    2E Life Shield (Pot 4)

    Gear: Smartphone, Pistol (Beretta M92, +2 lethal), pair of daggers, tonfa, Reinforced Leather trenchcoat (1/0), motorcycle (street bike)

    Nimbus: a pair of fiery scarlet wings unfurl her with an eagle's screech.


    The Arrow crosses her hands in front of her. "The original nest is burned out. Though in terms of strategy I was personally thinking more of the same. Careful application of strategic damage and fire. It worked perfectly well last time. We could improve on positioning - trapping the creatures in more combat-friendly environments." The fact that she nearly died.... well, an Arrow's life wa a dangerous one. Better her than someone else.

    "I recommend a student of Prime, that you may identify the magics it posesses. Perhaps Matter, Life, and space, for the various effects. If we can have a disciple of those spheres present it makes your likelihood of success much higher." Something In Guru's reassessment of the amulet perked her ears."Hunted by whom? No they pose a danger to us?" she asked.

    The Arrow looks from Anima to Briar Rose and Campenella, and shakes her head. "He had been gone long before that. I do not know. Still... you are both her cabal-mates. Have you seen her?" she asks, with a slight sound of interest.

    Skye is given a small nod and her small smile. "I would be glad to have you along." Happily, she meant it. Seeing Skye's serious side did make her feel better.

    That's cool. Phoenyx is totally up for hunting more abyssal spiders
    Obrimos Adamantine Arrow, Cloaked Monthly Rits (in minisheet)

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    Status (Neurosurgeon)
    Status (Free Council)


    Anima breathes a sigh of relief, then tense again.

    "Of course. Phoenyx your mastery of the art of war is without question. But I fear we could encounter the same issue as before. The Abyssal Creatures can flee across the gauntlet. It is only their that they can be truly destroyed. We had them last time, but our time ran short. If you'll have me I'll of course be there, to assist as I can."

    Eyes flick back toward Guru. Danger? He waits for responses to the questions posed by the First Talon.

    Bad House:|

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    Guru's Avatar
    Striking Looks

    Appears like there's a filter that blurs his image, the background suddenly more lush and vibrant than it once was. Tendrils of vines slowly edging their way to the borders of that veil.

    Monthly Spells:
    Pulse of the Living World: Pot-3
    Organic Resilience Pot -3


    “Yea Skye, I’m a Shaman. I can do that. Not everyone can and not everyone knew. Now they do.” He tilted his head wondering just how little she thought he knew. He was an Apostate and, to be fair, relatively new to all of this but he knew about where the lines were. For now at least, no point not trying to push the boundaries of what he was capable of.

    “I mean if that’s the case Anima we need a means and a way across the Gauntlet or we can just stand around doing this over and over again as they hop from place to place destroying lives.” He looked to Phoenyx and nodded. “Like, Master Avis, Skye, and I found it think the only thing we were missing is someone studied in Prime. Like I know two of those fairly well so you’d think I’d have seen something but nope, try to use magic at it and, pop, like a balloon.”

    Another shrug of his shoulders as she asked questions he had no way of knowing the answer too. “No idea, Master Avis scryed them, looked human but odd human maybe not human. Seemed like they were hunting the beast, the artefact made a person into, conflict, blood, both sides walked away really fucked up. We chose to track the beast over the hunters, that’s literally all I know so your guess is as good as mine. I just want to keep folks informed so we can all be careful, yea?”

    Guru would be down but seems like a moot point at the moment.

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    Allies (City Hall)
    Allies (Criminal)
    Allies (Culture)
    Allies (Finance)
    Occult Skill
    Campanella's Scenes


    Armor 0
    Defense 2

    Vulgar +1
    Active Spells: 3/5
    Personal Spells: 3/1

    [2R] Analyze Artefact (Deep Scrutiny of Artefacts, Prolonged, 1 scene)
    [4R] Dark Matter (Matter Sight, Prolonged, 1 scene)
    [2R] One Mind, Two Thoughts (Prolonged, 1 scene)

    Tangled Threads

    Armor 4
    Defense 2

    Vulgar +1
    Active Spells: 3/5
    Personal Spells: 1/3

    [4] Aura Perception (Concentration, 1 scene)

    [5] Third Eye (Mind Sight, Prolonged, 1 scene)

    [2R] Unseen Aegis (Armor, 1 scene)


    Campanella stirred.

    "Nothing wrong in sharing information. It is about time we shared more between ourselves."

    He looked over the small crowd.

    "Quite a lot to think about. Is there anything else we need to discuss, or shall we draw things to a close for the moment?"

    Its been a month. Lets close this scene and open a new one at the start of October.
    Gnosis: 4
    Occult Skill: 3

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