Dirt Nap listens in intent silence to the advice with the sound of hard won experience from his elder, Alice Hart.

"Well. Ma'am, Seneschal Hart. It has to do with the way rank works in my Order." Dirt Nap 'explains'. "Studying and living through Changes is one way, but another way has to do with Oaths. That one trumps the first. I can go up as high as can be the first way, and someone shows up from the other way; well, they're calling the shots. Some of those swear to protect, fighters basically. That's now for me. I had enough of that to know, it's not what I want to hang my hat on. Encourages the wrong way from where I am trying to get to. Another way though, is about learning. I would like that. And to start, you have to find a special kind of place, of power, and write it up and describe it. You don't necessarily have to control it or own it though, technically. I heard tell a place like that might be underground hereabouts."

Dirt Nap actually takes a breath, as if to speak, when Alice Hart announces her claimed service for the boon he owes her, but nothing comes out! It is a long, silent moment before he says, slowly and softly, "I have to say, Ma'am, Seneschal Hart. That seems like an honor to me more than chore. I feel more in your debt for it than less. You are more than welcome to come. I expect the our chances of finding something worth the trouble and not finding actual trouble are a lot better for you being there."

He adds after a long pause, "I understand, I'm basically prospecting on someone elses claim; anything I find is yours, not mine."