Eyes flashing open, apparently she had fallen asleep yesterday without even realizing it, not even remembering how she had gotten home, residual thoughts and feelings of yesterday still flashing inside of her but a lot of the realizations were either gone or suppressed for the time being at least.
She still felt weird though, there was something not quite right in her chest, she would need time to digest this hopefully it would all pass or she would start to change who she is.

Throwing her pillowcases in the wash bin and changing them out, crying into them and then sleeping with full make up on were clearly not a good idea, thinking for a moment before putting them in vanish to make sure the stains would be removed.
Finding a package inside, looking at it, she had partial memories of having gotten it but she couldn't remember much of it, well a lot of the day after her studies yesterday were a blur not a blackout or a drunken night blur though but a different kind of blur, one she wasn't used to which in itself was a bit scary.
Looking inside of it, smiling as she picked up her new shield, fitting it to her arm, trying to wear it on her back, trying to move with it, sure it was different but this would be good for hedge adventures.
Carefully looking over the rest of the package and smiling knowing what it would be used for.

Heading to the shower, washing up, getting her face fixed up and prepared for the new day, washing away the marks of yesterday.
Sitting down to check her profile, she had a few people she had started to get quite sure of and was getting ready to meet, Larry's pictures had really done a good job.

Taking the items she had ordered other than the shield and heading for the library, she hadn't seen her blind grandpa substitute there for a while and was starting to both miss him and worry. Checking her phone and answering the texts from Chunhua, damn this girl checked up on her a lot, was that normal?

Another text from an unknown number, then again the only person she had by name in her phone was Chunhua so it would have been strange if the number was recognized.
"I cannot forget the taste of your lips."
Well that did narrow it down to being in just the four digit count of possible people at least.

Arriving at the library before realizing that she hadn't thought about her attacker once this day, that was a good sign perhaps she could soon get back to normal?
Heading in and quickly rushing over to check if he was there but no luck again.
Sigh what had happened to keep him away?
Beginning to head away as a librarian rushes up to her.
"You're the woman who usually sit's with the kind blind old Korean man right?"
"Yes that would be me, why?"
"I knew it, they said to give it to the red headed asian girl but I knew that it was a pink and purple haired one, don't know how they made that confusion, anyway's there is a letter here for you and ohh love the hair.."
Handing over a letter "I need to get back to work, I hope you didn't miss anything the letter has been here for a couple of days now."

Opening the letter before quickly starting to run of.